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Immigration Myths Spun as Immigration Facts

This is actually an older article but it came up in a recent discussion and I thought it was something I needed to comment on. The left, in general terms, just wants to open up the borders and let anyone come on in without worrying about who they are, why they’re here or what they want.  It’s all dishonest in how they frame things and try to spin it, they cherry pick data and then tell you half the story.  They pretend they’re debunking myths, but they’re just spinning the narrative into something that doesn’t stand up under rational scrutiny.  So let’s take a look at 5 supposed myths that are actually very true.

Myth # 1: They don’t pay taxes

According to the article, we’re supposed to be impressed that illegal aliens pay 6.5% of their income in some form of taxation, so we should just leave them alone.  Well, according to a recent report by the Tax Foundation, the average American pays 31.5% of their income in taxes.  Even knowing that the claim is a year older, 6.5% is nowhere near 31.5%.  Just because illegals pay some, and I’d wager they’re counting local sales taxes primarily, that’s nowhere near the tax burden they are supposed to be paying.  Why are we supposed to be impressed by this?  And the article tries to hand-wave over the fact that only 50-75% of illegal immigrants (that’s a pretty wide range and sounds just made up) file income taxes every year.  But what they don’t mention is that under Obama’s 2014 deportation amnesty, 800,000 illegal immigrants can file for the Earned Income Tax Credit and it will cost $2 billion in revenue over the next 5 years.  Legislators are calling this the “amnesty bonus” because we’re giving money to people who have no business being here in the first place, they’re just getting rewarded for doing something they shouldn’t be doing to begin with.  So I don’t care how much they pay in taxes, it isn’t enough and it’s irrelevant because they shouldn’t be in the country at all!  And I love how they say that allowing “certain” immigrants to stay and work legally could earn $2 billion a year.  What about all the rest of them?  Nobody says a word about those!

Myth # 2: They don’t pay into Social Security

The article claims that illegal immigrants pay more into Social Security than they will ever consume.  That much is true because most of their social security numbers are stolen.  Their employers are required by law to take a certain percentage of their check and submit it to Social Security and they have no means at all to get it back because they have no legitimate SSNs of their own. You might think that the people whose identities illegals have stolen might have a windfall with all this extra money in their accounts, but that’s not how Social Security works. You don’t just get a check at the end with all the money in your account, most of that money just stays in the system and does no one any good.  And then they go on to claim that all this money that illegals are putting into the system are keeping Social Security afloat.  That’s idiotic.  If all the illegals went away, those jobs would need to be filled anyhow and those legal Americans or legal immigrants would be paying that money anyhow.  The spin is strong… and stupid… with this one.

Myth #3: They drain the system

This is just ludicrous.  They say that illegal aliens do not qualify for most forms of welfare when this is patently untrue.  In fact, statistics show that not only do the majority of illegal aliens use welfare (62%), but they use it at a rate higher than any other group including legal immigrants.  The article is simply wrong when they say that illegal immigrants cannot use welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, and most other public benefits.  In fact, 22.4% use SNAP, 22.7% use WIC and a whopping 49.7% receive free school lunches.  And 51% use Medicaid.  So much for all of them not qualifying, huh?

Illegal immigrants use more welfare than Americans at all levels of education so you can’t say that only the poor and uneducated immigrants are sucking the system dry.

Myth # 4: They take American jobs

By definition, this is true.  Any job in America is an American job.  The article tries to wiggle around this by saying that America needs immigrant labor.  No, we need *LEGAL* immigrant labor.  Illegal… not so much.  But this is a trick of the left to ignore that distinction.  People who come here on legal work visas are fine.  People who just cross the border illegally are not.  In fact, people who come here in legal work visas actually pay more in taxes and consume less in welfare, as the above graphs show. They can spin it any way they want, their arguments are still false.

Myth # 5: It’s just a matter of following the law

I love this one.  “Many Americans want immigrants to enter the country legally.”  Well, in fact, the majority of Americans do, that’s why we have immigration laws.  That’s why American voters have elected representatives to go to Washington and pass these laws in the first place.  Take out the word “many” and you’ll be correct.  Until there is a majority who vote for open-border representatives who go to Washington and repeal all of the existing immigration laws, that’s the case.  And you know something?  Whining about how long the lines are to  get into this country doesn’t change that.  Whether the liberals like it or not, America has no obligation whatsoever to take all comers.  We should do what is best for the United States as a nation, not for the people who want to come here.  If they have to wait 5 years or 10 years or 50 years to get their chance, that’s how long it takes.  And  all the whining about how horrible some of these people have it, too bad. Cry me a river.  We’re not responsible for their shitty countries, where the people are unwilling to stand up and fight for the health and well being of their nation.  There were more than 50,000 casualties in the American Revolutionary War, that’s 50,000 Americans who were willing to stand up and lose their lives to make this country free.  These weren’t trained military, they were every day people who wanted to declare their independence.  So what the hell is wrong with all of these people fleeing corrupt nations?  Why aren’t they willing to fight for their freedom?  What’s wrong with them?

All of this is nonsense, yet the brainless, emotionally driven idiots on the left continue to fall for it because they don’t really care about the truth, they don’t care about the data, they care about feeling good.  Feeling good gets us into trouble.  It doesn’t make the nation strong.  It doesn’t improve the economy.  It just makes a mess.  We’ve had enough messes.  Let’s get down to business getting things fixed.  And no, I don’t  give a damn how that makes you feel.

Safe Spaces for Illegal Aliens

You know, this liberal shit is getting ridiculous.  Or should I call it progressive shit?  Or regressive left shit?  I don’t even know anymore.  It all falls on the political left so I’ll just stop there.  Anyhow, a couple of weeks ago, I did a video over on YouTube about the utter insanity on modern universities, as regressives are now complaining that their education is getting in the way of their activism, as if they are totally unaware why they are in school at all.  I’ll link to that at the bottom of this post.  However, lest you think that was some isolated incident at some crazy school, it is nothing of the sort.

Liberal protesters at several California and Arizona college campuses are now demanding that their schools cut all ties with the Border Patrol, which is often on campus recruiting, because, get this, it might offend illegal alien students who go to school there.

I’ll stop for a moment to let the stupidity sink in.

Now I shouldn’t have to point out just how idiotic the idea of state-run government schools being told to deny access to governmental agencies is.  But the fact that they are demanding it because it might make people who have absolutely no legal right whatsoever to be there in the first place unhappy is just absurd to the highest degree.  That’s like saying universities have to keep the IRS off campus because it might make people who haven’t paid their taxes nervous.  Well here’s a suggestion, if you’re not supposed to be there, GO HOME!  If you haven’t paid your taxes, PAY THEM!  Don’t act like you have a right to violate the law and then not be made to feel bad about it.  You ought to feel bad!  That’s the whole point!

It isn’t like the Border Patrol is there to hunt down these illegal criminal aliens and drag them back across the border, although they certainly should, they’re just there to recruit new employees, just like any of the other companies that routinely set up booths on college campuses across the country.  But “oh no!”, actually being held accountable for your illegal actions, or being made to feel potentially unsafe, that’s somehow “triggering”.  Well cry me a fucking river, you’re criminals, stop whining and get your asses back across the border!

You know, I’d almost think this was an April Fool’s joke, if it didn’t show up in the middle of March.  So that makes leftist political rhetoric indistinguishable from intentional humor.  That’s a Poe in anyone’s book.

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Half-Truths at the GOP Debate

I know I criticize the left for being dishonest and telling half-truths, or even outright lies, to get their way, but it’s important to realize that the right does exactly the same thing.  At the most recent GOP Presidential Debate, Marco Rubio threw an accusation at Donald Trump about him hiring illegal aliens and having to pay a million dollar fine.  This is, of course, false. It’s actually not even half-false, it’s all-false.

The reality is that in 1979, while Trump was building his Trump Tower, the contractor that he used, Kaszycki & Sons Contractors, hired up to 200 Polish illegal immigrants to work doing demolition for the tower.  I’m assuming that these were Polish workers who had illegally overstayed their visas, I can’t imagine them swimming all the way here from Poland or anything silly like that.  During the project, that took place mostly in 1980, Kaszycki & Sons failed to pay proper wages to these workers and, in what has been described as the longest civil lawsuit in U.S. history, ended up paying more than a half-million dollars in a case that was finally settled in 1991.  Of course, not a penny of that money went to the actual workers, who were long gone by that point, it all went to the local union, who had claimed Trump had cheated them out of pension and welfare funds by hiring illegal aliens in the first place.  That battle went on until 1998, when it was settled for an undisclosed sum and the records were sealed.  Trump maintained that he didn’t know his contractor had hired illegal aliens until after the fact.

But that’s really the thing.  Trump never actually hired anyone.  His contractor did.  Trump is not personally responsible for what his contractor does without his knowledge.  So the claim that Trump hired anyone is false.  The only part of this case that had anything to do with the actual illegal aliens was directed at Kaszycki & Sons, not Trump himself.  Trump only got hit by a claim by the union.

I have absolutely no love of any kind for Donald Trump, but if Marco Rubio is going to throw an out-and-out lie at him, if that’s the best he can do to compete against him, then Rubio deserves to get tossed out of the race.  He’s just proven that he’s a lying sack of shit that will do anything for political points and that’s the last kind of person we need in political office.  It’s a good thing he’s failing so horribly in the polls and will be forced to give up soon.  What a wanker.

The Illegal Alien Problem

US border sign BSince we recently talked about birthright citizenship over on the podcast, this kind of thing has come up a couple of times so I thought I’d argue my position.  I am entirely opposed to illegal aliens, I am entirely opposed to giving them amnesty or a specialized path to citizenship because these people have no earned it.  They have violated some of our most basic laws, showing that they really don’t care about America or the American people.  Why should they get special treatment when they are acting like basic criminals?

But likewise, there’s really no way we can pick up between 11-20 million illegal aliens and throw them out of the country, it just isn’t logistically possible.  I also think the idea of building a physical wall is both ridiculous and useless.  It won’t stop anyone.  They can hop a plane to Canada and cross there, they can just get on a raft, float around the wall and come up somewhere along the coasts.  It makes no sense and is short-sighted, but just because we can’t do that doesn’t mean we just stop trying.

The only logical way to do this is to deny them the things that they are coming here for in the first place.  That means jobs and freebies and other things that making living here under the radar possible. So let’s start at the beginning.

We need to get eVerify up and running and accessible to all.  That must be done before any of this works.  Once that’s in place though, it’s very easy for any employer to know if their employees are here legally.  Then we just have to hold employers accountable and we do this exactly the same way we already do for fire inspections, OSHA inspections and health inspections. We have a division of ICE that visits every single business a minimum of once per year.  They do not announce their visits, they just show up and go over the employment records for every single employee in the company.  They will verify that all employees have been properly vetted through eVerify, that they have copies of their legal identification on file, that their social security numbers match, etc.  Any who is an illegal alien found to be working there, the company is fined $10,000 per illegal, on the first offense. If they find 10 illegals working there, the company gets an automatic $100,000 fine and the illegals are taken away and deported.  If they come back in 6 months and find another 10 illegals, the fine is raised to $100,000 per offense, or a $1 million fine.  These fines, like tax debt, are not dischargeable by bankruptcy and, if the company is dissolved, the fines become the personal responsibility of the board of directors and/or HR managers who hired these people to begin with.  On the third offense, the company is shut down entirely, their business licenses are revoked, their corporate structure is dismantled and the board of directors and/or HR managers can be jailed or fined.  Further, all members of the board of directors and all HR managers are forbidden from obtaining a new business license or incorporating a new business for a period of not less than 10 years.  It is the job of the board and the HR managers to ensure that nobody working for the company is doing so in violation of the law.

But this doesn’t just go for big companies, it goes for everyone.  If you go to Home Depot and pick up some day laborers, you’d better be damn sure that they are legal citizens.  That means that even individuals have to run their employees through eVerify. You might think that it’s safer and maybe it is, but ICE can stop by any site where work is  being done and check for illegal workers and while a company might be able to absorb a $10,000 hit, an individual probably can’t.  You’re running an awful risk and making one mistake can ruin you forever.

So once there are no jobs, what then?  Any major financial transaction can only be done between legal U.S. residents.  You are unable to rent an apartment, buy a house, open a bank account or purchase a vehicle without having legal status.  How do they know if you’re legal?  Well, I suppose they can all use eVerify, but there’s an easier way and this solves the problem of people over-staying their Visas as well.  When someone enters the country legally, they are issued a U.S. government identification card, which they use to establish their identity just like most people use their driver’s licenses.  You cannot engage in any major financial transaction without producing the card and for those in the country for a limited time, the cards stop working when their time here has expired.  You can use the cards to get a job, but your employer will be informed when your time is almost up, at which point you either have to get an extension on your card or you are terminated from the job.

It shouldn’t need to be said that illegals will receive no freebies of any kind.  No free education.  No welfare benefits.  I have no problem with giving them health care, so long as once they are treated, they are deported.  I also have no fundamental problem with something else Trump has been saying, that he would stop illegals from sending money to Mexico.  Yes, they did indeed work for it, but they did so illegally, hence the money was gained in the commission of a crime and thus, is no more theirs than if they just robbed a bank for it.  Can we just confiscate it?  Maybe not, but we ought to be able to control what’s done with it. If they walk into Western Union to send money electronically out of the country, they’d have to produce their ID card and if they can’t, it doesn’t go.

Really, this stuff isn’t that hard to do, the only thing we’re missing is the will and the balls to actually do it.

The Latest Invasion

illegalaliensdontunderstandlawWe’ve seen a ton of attempts over the years for illegal aliens to skirt American law by appealing to emotion, yet this latest attempt is probably the most horrific and unfortunately, it’s one that Americans are falling for.  Granted, Americans haven’t been that bright when it comes to illegal immigration, especially on the liberal and libertarian sides.  I’m not going to go into detail about why I oppose illegal immigration, I’ve done that in the past and if anyone is interested, it’s not difficult to find.  We’re facing the unfortunate fact that we have an invasion going on right now and it’s time to address it once and for all.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve seen a tremendous surge in the number of unaccompanied children entering the country illegally.  Hundreds of children per day, thousands per month, are flooding into the country illegally and are being housed in makeshift camps, internment style, both on military bases (currently 3 of them) and ICE facilities.  These camps are simply not equipped to handle the influx, some of them are bus facilities without adequate sanitary facilities, such that the kids are only allowed to take a couple of showers per week.  This has to stop.

Yet I’m sure it’s tough for Americans who might willingly turn away adult criminal immigrants to do the same for children, yet that’s exactly what we have to do.  As we’ve seen in the past, many countries in Central and South America are using the American border as a dumping ground for their undesirables and their poor.  Guatemala in particular is issuing maps and instructions to kids on how to sneak into the United States and we’re also seeing criminal gangs “renting” kids from poor parents so they can appear to be families when they get arrested.  We’re seeing a huge number of young girls being picked up that have been raped and otherwise abused, many of them younger than 13.  Many of them are being brought for use in the sex trade.  Mexico has issued a huge number of “worker visas” that are little more than government permission for illegals from Central America to pass through their country on the way to the border.

While there’s no question this is a horrible situation, it’s one that we’re just encouraging with our current policy. Under a recent immigration law, anyone caught in the country illegally that comes from a nation other than Mexico must be given an immigration trial before being deported.  The problem is, the system is completely backlogged, with more than 30,000 cases still to be heard.  It can take years for a case to come up and then, only 5% of the illegals actually show up for their trial.  By that time, they’ve already rabbeted into the community, started families, etc. and don’t care if they’re here legally or not.  This law needs to be repealed, every single person who comes across the border illegally needs to be sent back unless they can demonstrate that they have a legitimate reason to be in fear of their life.  Not having a job in their home country is not a legitimate reason.  I think it is not only as important, but much more important to do with these children because they are being sent up specifically to tug at the heartstrings of Americans.  As we see every time immigration reform gets talked about in Congress, a flood of illegals surges north to be in the country if amnesty is ordered.

We must never, ever allow amnesty again.  In 1986, we gave amnesty to 3 million illegal aliens and said never again.  Now, Obama wants to give them a free ride again, this time to an estimated 20 million illegal aliens.  Oh, and we won’t do it again!  Really!  We mean it this time!

We have laws in this country for a reason.  Immigration to the United States that goes around legal channels is not lawful.  There is a way to become a citizen.  It might be unwieldy, it might be difficult and I’ll be the first to say it needs to  be overhauled, but that’s not an excuse to flaunt the law and pretend it doesn’t apply to you.  The law applies to everyone equally, young and old and just because you’re a kid doesn’t mean that you should get away with violating the law, or that exceptions should be made for you because you’re cute.  The only way to stem the tide is to show people that we’re not going to fall for it.  If we refuse to take these kids in, their parents won’t send them north.  Their parents won’t “rent” them to smugglers and criminals and drug traffickers.  Poor countries won’t go to the trouble and effort to tell their poor how to break into the United States illegally and get away with it. Maybe these poor people will actually stand up to their governments and demand change.  They don’t have to now, change is just a fence-hop away.  It’s no wonder things don’t get better, they don’t have to.

And that’s something we need to stop right this second.

The Immigration System Failure Blues

stop-illegal-immigration-sign-apA couple of weeks ago, we had Jim Goebel on the podcast to take us to task about some of the things that we’d said about libertarians.  Jim is host of The Side Project Live podcast and, in episode 125 of that podcast, he talked about being on the show.  He and his co-hosts also talked about his vacation to Arizona and his encounter with the border patrol.

I have to admit, I spent most of the 75 minutes of the show yelling at my computer.

For those who don’t want to go listen, and I encourage you to do so because it was a fun show, Jim went on vacation in Arizona to a national park and while there, he had to go through at least two border checkpoints.  At one, the agent was an asshole.  At the other, it sounds like there were no issues.  It sounded like he was surprised that the checkpoints were that far inland but, living in California, the 25 or so miles that he described is nothing.  The checkpoint that I’ve been through most often is in Temecula and it’s 75-80 miles to the Mexican border.  I’ve probably been through it 20-30 times and I think I’ve only been stopped once or twice, most of the time it’s not even open and the few times it is, you just slow down a little and they wave you through.  I don’t think I’ve even had to roll my window down.  I can’t speak for how it is in Arizona, but that seems to be a state-specific thing, not a border control thing.

And yes, I’ll agree that there are probably a lot of assholes in the border patrol, just like there are in the TSA.  Those kinds of jobs tend to attract shitheads who want power over others.  I absolutely think that the government ought to rethink their hiring policies and qualifications and even have “secret shoppers”, independent people who go through the lines several times a year to see how they’re treating people and write back to the government for correction, but that’s not really here nor there with regard to this story.

They said that illegal immigration would be less of an issue if we didn’t have a welfare state or if drugs were not illegal and while I agree on the former, I entirely disagree on the latter.  But let’s take these one at a time.  Yes, to some degree, I think that if we didn’t have such a big welfare state, where people can come and get “food stamps” and a free education for their kids and all of that, you would diminish the flow to some degree.  I’ll be the first one to say that we ought to do that, not just for the sake of illegal immigration, but to get away from the liberal stupidity that’s overwhelmed our nation.  However, it wouldn’t stop them from coming entirely.  The fact is, the United States, even in a recession, has a stronger economy than Mexico and the Central American states.  Coming here, even if you take a less-than-minimum-wage job, you’re going to make more money than if you stayed in your home country and worked a similar job there, if you could even find a job to do there.  There are many illegals who come here for a season or two and go back to their homeland with enough money to live on for several years, then they come back and do it again.  Western Union does a brisk business sending money from the U.S. to Mexico, primarily from illegals sending their paychecks home.  Then those workers get assistance from the government, such as Section 8 housing and food subsidies, to live here on the American taxpayer dime.  Very little of the money they make is taxed, a lot of them work under the table, so the idea that they are good for the economy is entirely nonsense.  Even if we got rid of the welfare state, they’d still come, they just wouldn’t be able to send as much money home, they’d probably just stay with friends, in overcrowded hovels, than pay for apartments.  So while I agree with the concept for other reasons, I don’t think it would stop the flood of illegals into this country.

The other, and I’ve talked about my opinions on drugs before, I don’t think would change anything.  The drug cartels in Mexico wouldn’t just dry up if we legalized pot, they’d just switch to harder drugs that are still illegal, or they’d smuggle in cheaper drugs that don’t have to go through the U.S. regulatory machine and don’t have taxes paid on them.  I’m honestly more worried about the former than the latter, there is no rational way we would ever legalize every single drug out there, from LSD to heroin to crack cocaine to Ecstasy.  The cartels would just adapt to the new paradigm and start smuggling harder drugs into the country.  Even if we did legalize all drugs, the cartels would branch out into other crimes.  These groups are not Boy Scouts, they are not going to give up their life of crime and get real jobs because the U.S. decides to change drug policy.  They’ll find something else to do and they’ll keep sending their couriers across the border to do it.  I really don’t want to get into my views on drugs, except to say that I find the typical libertarian views on drugs entirely stupid.

So what else?  There is the language issue, and while they talked about Spanish-speaking workers (and this goes for people who speak all foreign languages) being unable to communicate in English, apparently these people haven’t lived in a state where illegals are the norm.  It’s not just a matter of them not speaking English, it’s a matter of the touchy-feely liberals demanding that these non-English speakers be catered to.  There are many places where, at taxpayer expense, it is mandated by law that signs, forms, documents, etc. are printed, both in English, Spanish and a whole shit-ton of other languages, just because some people here don’t speak the language.   There is a reason why, to become a naturalized citizen of the United States, you have to demonstrate a functional understanding and usage of the English language.  I’m not going to argue that we need to enforce that for national cohesion or anything like that, but purely for practical reasons.  I don’t care what you speak in the privacy of your own home or among your friends, but when it comes to communicating with the general public, you must speak English and speak it well enough to be understood.  The idea that we have to make an extra effort and go to an extra expense because some people who shouldn’t even be here at all can’t learn the local dialect is absurd.  And for the podcasters, Illinois does provide required employment posters in English, Spanish and Polish.  That’s 200% more work and more expense than they should have to go to.

No, you’re not. If you were, you’d be making more.

And now the minimum wage.  They were convinced that if we just dropped the minimum wage, that suddenly Americans would start doing all these low-wage jobs that illegals usually get stuck with and therefore, many industries wouldn’t need illegal workers at all.  I find that to be rather absurd, even though I don’t really buy into the concept of jobs Americans won’t do, let’s be honest, there are some that Americans are far less likely to do, jobs that require heavy physical labor for very little money.  The agriculture industry is one that, like it or not, doesn’t pay well and that uses a high percentage of migrant workers in their fields.  Now there are studies that show that if the agriculture industry simply paid American workers minimum wage to work in the fields, the net effect on the cost of vegetables is negligible, but I honestly don’t think you’d get many Americans willing to go work in the fields under the hot sun for minimum wage.  Maybe I’m wrong, that’s just my feeling.  I look at the minimum wage as a safety net, it stops people from being taken advantage of if they are in a desperate situation. While in a perfect world, business transactions ought to be between the employer and the employee, we just don’t live in a perfect world.

My biggest reason we shouldn’t legalize the illegals, shouldn’t open up the borders is pragmatic.  We have a right, as citizens of this nation, to decide who gets to come in and who does not.  A majority of Americans want illegal immigrants deported.  We don’t want to throw open the floodgates and let any Tomas, Ricardo and Geraldo who show up with their hands out.  That’s not racist, it applies to anyone, from any country, of any ethnicity.  I’d be just as adamant about the British showing up on our shores illegally.  Or the Chinese.  Or Nigerian princes.  We just so happen to have a major problem with people coming up from Central and South America.  The reality is that these people are breaking some of our most basic laws and if they can’t be bothered to even attempt to do it the right way, and let’s be honest, the overwhelming majority don’t even make an effort to come legally, how can we think that they’re going to follow the rest of the rules?  This is a nation of laws, that’s how it was founded and that’s how it remains to this day.  So why are we giving anyone a pass who is proving to us that they don’t give a damn about our nation?  If they’re going to break the law to come here illegally in the first place, how can we think they won’t steal or rape or murder if they think they need to?

I’m not going to disagree that our current immigration laws are flawed, any more than I’ll disagree that our current drug policies are flawed.  That doesn’t mean we just throw them out entirely and start over from scratch, it means that we evaluate what we’re doing wrong and make corrections to the current system.  We have a lot of problems in the U.S. and changing course in mid-stream, just because a small group of people don’t respect the law and don’t have any expectations that people follow and respect the law, want things to be different.

Sorry, I just can’t respect this plank in the Libertarian platform, it is one of several that guarantee that I will never, ever, ever be a part of, or even truly respect, the libertarian position.  They might have some good conservative ideas here and there, but so many of their ideas are just absurd and self-destructive.  I can’t give any assent to that.

Mine Ears Have Heard the Whining of the Loony Liberals

A liberal extremist is born…

Just had a relatively unpleasant experience, was having a nice chat on Twitter with someone about illegal immigration and apparently, some loony liberal was watching the other person’s timeline and decided to take over the discussion without asking permission.  I generally don’t mind if people interject their thoughts, that’s sort of what Twitter is for and anything that you say outside of direct messages is publically accessible and open to response.

However, we were talking about the impact the drug trade in the U.S. has on the corruption of the Mexican government, which is largely run by the drug cartels and all of a sudden, a huge pile of drug-thugs showed up and started arguing for the legalization of drugs.  I’ve made my thoughts on that quite clear previously, there’s no chance someone is going to convince me that shoving a needle in their arm or smoking a joint is a responsible action, but they gave it their all, starting out reasonably polite but quickly getting extremely rude when I wouldn’t admit that they were right.  Most petered out pretty quickly but one guy stuck around and was quite adamant.  And of course, as I’ve previously predicted, he followed the typical path straight to vilifying anyone who disagrees with him, saying I had to be a hypocrite because I didn’t follow every single law on the books, therefore I couldn’t criticize him for ignoring laws willy-nilly either.  I asked what laws I had broken and he couldn’t come up with any.  He made accusations, of course, and when he couldn’t actually catch me in any, he got frustrated and cussed me out.  At that point, not being one to block anyone but spammers, I simply chose to turn off Twitter for a while until he went away.

I wish I could say this is uncommon but it’s really not.  It happens quite often on Twitter, where people think that shouting down the competition is a favored means of winning a debate.  Heck, today, that asshat Sacerdotus, when we started disagreeing with his typical Catholic rants and pointing out that it’s not the atheists who are out raping children, started calling for the Twitter police to come and ban us for making him unhappy.

Geez, I hate fucking stupid people.

Whose Responsibility Is It?

responsibilityI get a lot of e-mail around here, in fact I’d say I get 6-8 e-mails a day on various subjects.  Some come from people who just want to talk privately, some from people who don’t want to air their grievances publically and some who can’t find an appropriate place to post their subject matter.  Regardless, I spend a lot of time responding to e-mail.  It’s always been my policy that, unless an e-mail is particularly vile, it’s private and I won’t post it on the blog.  However, that doesn’t mean I don’t get post ideas from e-mail and “borrow” questions to spark public discussion.  This is one such case.

Right after I posted this story, I got an e-mail from someone who asked what was wrong with people wanting a better life for themselves and their children?  Why was I so down on immigration?  This is a question I see regularly, especially from those of a liberal persuasion, which this e-mailer self-identified as.  I did respond to the e-mail, but it thought it’s something I should touch on here as well.

First, let me make it very clear, I am not against immigration, I am against illegal immigration.  It’s funny how often and how pointedly many liberals get this wrong.  If you want to go through all of the steps and legally come to this country, either with a green card or permanent citizenship, I’m entirely fine with that.  In fact, I encourage it.  However, that means that you ought to have something to offer this nation and you actually have to take the impetus to better your life and work toward actually doing so.  Nobody owes you citizenship, nobody says that just because you want it, you’re going to get it.  That seems to be something that confuses our liberal friends, the idea that simply wanting something ought to mean getting it.

One of the reasons I’m against simply giving away citizenship to anyone who wants it, beyond being wholly unworkable fiscally and socially, is pragmatic.  If we allow everyone who has a problem with a particular regime to simply walk away, then how can we ever expect that regime to be changed?  While, in recent years, we’ve gotten this bizarre idea that the United States ought to ride around the planet and make the world a better place, we just have to look at history to see how silly this really is.  This country was started by men who were willing to go to war and die for independence.  It wasn’t a bunch of lazy people who just wanted to go somewhere else and have it easy.  We fought, many died, for the freedoms we currently hold most dear.  Then, when we moved westward, we didn’t whine for someone else to go out and build towns and railroads and tame the west, strong men and women went out and did it themselves and paved the way for those who came later.

That’s what’s missing from many of these people who just want to leap fences or squat on the other side of borders so their kids can be American citizens.  What did they really do to achieve success?  Absolutely nothing.  Today, they act like they deserve it just because they want it.  Far too many liberals agree.  I think you’re all nuts.

If you live in a country where you’re poor, do something about it.  Get together with your neighbors.  Make those changes at the ballot box, or if you can’t vote, be willing to rise up and overthrow the government if you need to.  Make your country a place you want to live, not a place you can’t wait to escape from.  Do something!  Take risks!  Stop being lazy!

I’m fine with people wanting to better their situation, so long as they’re willing to actually work toward that goal.  Wanting to run away to a place where someone else has done all the work isn’t admirable.  It’s not brave.  It’s cowardly.  A long time ago, I wrote a post while all of these “revolutions” were going on in the Middle East, praising their courage.  I may not agree with what some of those nations have done in the time since, but at least they were willing to stand up for what they believed in, to make their nations better in the way they saw fit.  At least they didn’t hop on ships that would smuggle them into the United States, or get tourism visas so they could drop a package 10 feet inside the border.

What the hell is wrong with the people who do?

Living in a Maternity Mansion

Living on a hill, committing a crime.

I’m absolutely against illegal immigration, people jumping fences and running into our country illegally, riding in the back of smuggler’s vans until they can make it to civilization and blend into the underground and get work under the table, etc.  I have nothing against legal immigration, people who fill out all the proper paperwork and get accepted for permanent residence and legal citizenship in this country.

Now we’re seeing an enterprising group of people who are combining the two.  In a news story out of Chino Hills, CA, although it’s certainly going on elsewhere, they are running a Maternity Mansion scam.  Pregnant Chinese women pay $5000-$15000 to a “tour service” and are brought to America where they can have their children on American soil, which automatically get American citizenship, and then use that citizenship as leverage to get to stay in the U.S. on their own.  Another option for these Chinese women, by having the child in the U.S., it makes adoption faster and easier than having to adopt from China, where the process can take years and the government can eat up a large percentage of the adoption fees.

The “service” is advertised on a Chinese-language website,, which suggests that the $5000-$15000 cost is a “worthwhile investment” in order to have a baby with American citizenship.  It also suggests ways to get past immigration agents without letting them know you’re pregnant, such as wearing a dark-colored shirt, not bringing any baby or pregnancy-related items with you and wearing a heavy backpack to hide the enlarged belly.  Among other information on the website, it explains that American citizenship has advantages, including free public education, better loan rates and social welfare during retirement.  It is unknown if the person who owns the hilltop house is the same person who runs the website or not, but the owner of the house, Hai Yong Wu, was conveniently out of the country when city officials tendered a cease and desist order to stop operation of what amounts to a hotel in a residential neighborhood.  So far, since Wu refuses to allow officials into the residence, they have had to go after him for code violations while seeking further legal assistance to get in the front door.

The neighborhood is up in arms, their website can be found here.  “It’s so blatant and from doing my research, this is an epidemic and it’s nationwide,” Rossana Mitchell, head of the website said. “It’s a way to buy citizenship. We don’t want it here in Chino Hills.”

This is unfortunately, not an uncommon story, it’s been widely investigated by news sites across the globe.  We’re now hearing that there’s a second Maternity Mansion in Chino Hills, as well as one in nearby Rowland Heights, they are probably quite widespread and people like Wu are making a lot of money off of women who want to use this backdoor to citizenship.  Even the Chinese are aware that this practice is approaching epidemic proportions.

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This is one reason, among many, that we really need to restrict the 14th Amendment right that grants anyone born in the country American citizenship and the practice that women of American babies automatically get more leniency staying in the country.  Or, we could do what I’ve advocated for a long time, stop pretending that being an American citizen automatically gives you the right to live in the country.  Stick the kid on a plane with the mother back to China or Mexico or wherever, with the understanding that when the kid turns 18 and becomes an adult, they are more than welcome to come back and live in the U.S. if they so choose.

Doing that would largely end these Maternity Mansion scams because it removes the only reason most of these women have for coming in the first place, all the freebies associated with staying in the country.

But we’ll never do that because common sense in America really isn’t that common.


Stupid and Lazy

Not long ago, I posted in a forum that I thought illegal aliens, no matter where they came from, were stupid and lazy.  Of course, the whining liberals disagreed, clearly they couldn’t be stupid or lazy, they were coming to the U.S. to work!  Well, not really, lots were coming for the freebies or to be criminals, but let’s not bother with that for the moment.

Taking Mexico as an example for the moment, lots of people who flood across the border say that Mexico is too poor and corrupt for them to make a decent living, therefore they’re going to go elsewhere where it’s easier.  The biggest reason I stand by my statement can be summed up in one word: Egypt.

The people of Egypt stood up to their corrupt government, they put themselves in the line of fire, they fought for their freedom.  Lots of people lost their lives, but in the end, they won their freedom from an oppressive regime.  Mostly, their fight was peaceful, although they were standing up against automatic weapons fired into crowds.  In other countries, their revolutions have not been peaceful, the people have had to take up arms against their corrupt governments to win freedom for themselves and their families.

So when has that happened in Mexico?  When have the Mexican people, as a whole, stood up to the government and the drug cartels and taken back their country?  Oh yeah, never!  Because, you know, that’s hard.  It might take some effort.

The American Revolution wasn’t won by men who said it was too hard or dangerous to fight against British oppression.  They stood up, they knew that the good of the many, to paraphrase Star Trek II, outweighed the needs of the few.  They fought for their families, for their friends, for their countrymen and many of them lost their lives in the struggle.  The American Revolutionaries didn’t think “hey, let’s just sneak across a border somewhere so we can have happier, easier lives!”

So no, I’m not impressed with the illegal alien coddler nonsense that says “they just want better lives!”  So what?  Too bad!  Hey, I’d like not to have to work so hard too!  I’d like to have a million dollars a year to play with!  So if I find an illegal way to make that million without working so hard to get it, can I use the same excuse to get away without prosecution?  I just want a better life!

The simple fact is, whether you want a better life or not, no one is required to give it to you.  You have to earn it.  You have to work for it.  Mexicans, for as much as they say they hate the drug cartels and the corrupt government, don’t seem to be doing a damn thing to change it.  They’re not standing up against the corruption, they’re not taking up arms, if necessary, to oust the crooks and arrest the cartel leaders, they’re not doing anything except leaping the border so they don’t have to worry about the problems back home.  In a recent survey in Mexico, something like 70% of the respondents said they’d head into the U.S. illegally if they thought they could get away with it.  70%!

That’s 70% of people who are too lazy and too stupid, and frankly too immoral, to be willing to fix a problem they know they have, yet are too terrified to actually fight.  So yes, stupid and lazy is a perfect description.

Too bad they have no backbone, unlike the people of Egypt and other countries who have recently had enough and had the guts to stand up to the oppressive regimes, even at the risk of their own lives.  Come on Mexico, man up.  Grow a pair or don’t expect me to have the slightest sympathy for you.