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#BLM Doesn’t Understand Law Enforcement

“These people can’t be this stupid, can they?”

The mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed, just had a meeting with the local chapter head of Black Lives Matter, who handed out a list of demands regarding law enforcement.
Among their demands were:

1. Better police training.
2. De-escalation training.
3. Reduced funding to Atlanta PD.
4. End special operation to reduce gun crimes.
5. Move reduced funding to affordable housing.

Clearly, these people have no idea how the police work.  Or funding.  Or the economy.  Or much of anything else.  Looking at their list, they want better police training and in particular, better training for officers in de-escalating violent situations. Those are perfectly fine and I think admirable goals.  But then they want to reduce funding for the Atlanta police department.  Exactly how do they think they’re going to pay for this additional training if they take money away from the department?  These things aren’t free and money doesn’t grow on trees.  Then they want to end the special operations that reduce gun crime.  What the hell?  If their goals are to stop violent confrontations between the black community and cops, how is a program designed to stop crime, particularly gun crime, going to do that?  Oh wait, they don’t want to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, they want exactly the opposite!  And then they want all the “extra money” that gets taken away from the police department and saved from ending crime-reducing programs handed over to the black community in the form of freebies.  That’s really what this is all about.  Keeping violent criminals safe and armed and put up in free housing!

These people are really idiots.  This becomes painfully clear when another demand is that the Atlanta Police Department stop training with members of the Israeli police.  Because somehow, better training with the Israeli police department has anything whatsoever to do with black lives, right?  It keeps all of those black Palestinians safe.

Oh wait…

Let’s not kid ourselves.  This isn’t about black lives, it’s about pushing a regressive political ideology.  I mean, I’ve got no love for Israel, but what does something that concerns a nation on the other side of the planet have to do with the *LOCAL* chapter of Black Lives Matter?  Not a damn thing.

Of course, Mayor Reed said thanks but no thanks, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.  These are unreasonable demands and Reed has no reason to take them seriously.  Reed says, “I’m not going to do that; I happen to believe that the Israeli police department has some of the best counter-terrorism techniques in the world, and it benefits our police department from that longstanding relationship.”  But some groups of BLM have become blatantly anti-Semitic, just like we’re seeing on college campuses where groups of regressive students are crying out against Israel.  As I said, I’m no fan of Israel, but I’m also not a fan of Palestine or any of the other religious states in the Middle East.  But I don’t go around preaching hatred and destruction toward any of them except ISIS.

For some reason, people don’t comprehend the problems with BLM, of which there are many.  They’re racist.  They’re irrational.  They’re unrealistic.  They want special treatment.  And, of course, they want tax money.  All I can say to them is fuck off, and I can say that repeatedly.

Police: To Serve And Protect

This showed up on my radar a while back, where the LAPD said they need more officers to protect people and, predictably, lots of people, particularly on the left, started whining that the police weren’t protecting them and they were expected to protect themselves.

Well duh!

The police do not protect people.  They never have.  It’s not their job.  Police exist to enforce the law.  They are reactive, not proactive.  They respond when something has already happened, they can’t come arrest someone before they commit a criminal act.  They can arrest someone who assaults you, they cannot arrest someone who simply thinks about assaulting you. That’s thought crime and we don’t have that, thank goodness.

But these people seem to have a very bizarre view of the function of police.  They seem to think that the police are there to keep them safe so nothing bad ever happens in the first place.  That view is not only entirely unrealistic, it’s downright stupid.  But what can you expect from the idiots who have no concept of personal responsibility?

It is nobody’s job to take care of you but you.  You are responsible for your own safety.  You are responsible for reducing your chances of falling victim to violent crime.  You are responsible for reducing your chances of falling victim to non-violent crime. It’s all on you, baby, nobody else.  Welcome to reality.

When did we lose this view in society that it is other people’s jobs to take care of us and not our own?  People don’t want to learn how to drive, they want gadgets in their car to protect them from harm.  They want police to stop crime before it happens. They want the banks to catch identity theft before it occurs.  They just don’t want to be inconvenienced by anything negative but it’s all someone else’s job to catch, never their own.

I weep for humanity some days, I really do.


Liberals Hate Police

I was having a recent discussion about the case of a school field officer in South Carolina who was called by a teacher to handle a disruptive student, and was fired for brutality.  And you know something?  The whole student body came out in support of the officer, none of them are calling for his termination, but hey, the media rules these days and the left rules the media.

But anyhow, people were talking about whether he should have been fired and I was one of the few people who were arguing no.  Of course, the majority of people on the other side were either dyed-in-the-wool liberals or crazy libertarians who think that there is no such thing as legitimate authority and the police are all a bunch of thugs, so I guess I can’t be surprised.

So I started asking what Officer Fields should have done in that situation and the liberals were all hemming and hawing because they really didn’t have an answer.  They didn’t want him to throw the student across the room, but clearly, some kind of resolution was necessary and they just couldn’t come up with a solution.  “Clear the room!”  Okay, fine.  Now the room is clear, now what?  I’m going to assume that after the teacher told the student to leave the room and she refused and the officer told the student to leave the room, that no amount of telling the student to get out of the desk is going to work, no matter who does it.  She’s going to continue to sit in the desk and refuse to follow orders and continue to disrupt not only that class, but every other class for the day.  She wins.  That’s not acceptable.  Others said “call her parents!”  Great.  But most of these behavioral problems  begin at home, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find that the parent(s) don’t care how the girl acts or would respond.  I might say this is a good first step, if they had all day.  However, what if the parents either ignore the call or show up and refuse to help?  What then?  Eventually, every single liberal had to concede that physical force was necessary to resolve the situation.  Every single one, without exception.  So if what he did was necessary, what the hell is with all of the complaining?

Well, let me tell you, the only reason this guy lost his job is because of all of the bad press in the media.  That’s it.  It was to avoid losing face in the court of public opinion.  But even if he was guilty of excessive force, his boss was not the one to fire him. He could suspend him pending an investigation, of course, but in virtually all police forces, termination decisions are made by civilian oversight committees.  They are made with input from the police unions.  These decisions are not made by someone emotionally reacting to potential fallout from an event.  The officer has already retained legal counsel and they are going after the police department for wrongful termination.

Now yes, this entire situation was regrettable, but the blame for the situation wasn’t on the cop.  It wasn’t on the teacher.  It wasn’t on the school.  It was on the student.  If she had not misbehaved in the first place, nothing would have happened.  If she had left the classroom when the teacher told her to, nothing would have happened.  If she would have obeyed the command of the officer, nothing would have happened.  All of this is because we had a student who has never been taught to respect authority and do as they are told by those who have legal authority over them.  That’s the problem, but it’s a problem that idiot liberals and libertarians don’t seem to comprehend.

Police Payouts Don’t Prove Wrongdoing

I was talking to someone recently and he claimed that the fact that there are so many large payouts in police brutality cases across America proves that there is something seriously wrong with the police in America today.  I disagreed.  These are all civil cases, not criminal ones.  I just think it proves that there are more liberals, or more people with liberal attitudes, sitting on the juries and they are more willing to find for defendants than for police.  They haven’t proven objectively that the police have done anything wrong in all of these cases, they are just more willing to hand over money for emotional reasons.

Now I am not, in any way, shape or form, in favor of actual police brutality.  I think officers who cross the line and violate the law deserve swift justice and strong retribution, both criminal and civil, as well as being kept from working for the police ever again.  Some people are simply not cut out for it and for those who cannot control themselves, they deserve prosecution.  But let’s be honest, media outlets are out there looking for stories of police brutality, whether they exist or not, because it sells.  There is a certain segment of the population that just laps it up and those people tend to be more left-leaning than right.  Especially when it comes to the whole #blacklivesmatter crap, which I’ve certainly talked about before, they don’t seem to care that these black men that are getting shot by the cops are actually guilty of the crimes they are accused of, they just care that it was a black man shot by a white cop and somehow, racism makes the crimes acceptable.

If you want to show that there is a rash of actual police brutality, you’d be able to find a huge number of officers who are being put in prison for killing people without just cause.  There are a few, but not many, and that means something.  It means that these men and women in blue are doing the job that they are hired to do, there are just a lot of liberals who don’t like the job that they’re supposed to be doing.  That’s another matter entirely.  If you want to change the job that they’re hired to do, that’s a political issue, one that is solved at the ballot box, not one that is solved in the courtroom.  But today, suing someone who isn’t criminally liable, just to get some money out of them and smear their good name, has become fashionable.  How someone who is found not guilty of criminal wrongdoing is then found guilty of civil crimes is beyond me.  It only happens because the burden of proof is significantly lower in civil cases and you have a lot of people who want to stick it to the man, and apparently have no jobs, who line up to sit on juries.  It just isn’t what people assert it is, it’s just people who want to pay someone with someone else’s money because they feel sorry for them.  I don’t feel sorry for criminals.  It’s really sad that anyone does.

40 Bad Reasons for Prison Statistics Pt. 4

Will this be 4 for 4 failures for Bill Quigley’s prison reasons?

So far, Bill Quigley is 0 for 3 in his reasons why so many black and poor people are in prison.  It’s really getting quite comical but he has one chance to pull this out of the liberal morass that he’s quickly sinking in.  Let’s see if he can turn it around in this final chapter of his 40 reasons why our jails are full of black and poor people.

Thirty-One. The DOJ reports another 3.9 million people are on probation.

For crimes they committed and were convicted of.

Thirty-Two. The DOJ reports an additional 850,000 people are on parole.

For crimes they committed and were convicted of.

Thirty-Three. The DOJ reported in 2012 that as many as 100 million people have a criminal record, and over 94 million of those records are online.

For crimes they committed and were convicted of.  Are we seeing a pattern here?

Thirty-Four. Everyone can find out people have a record.

Only for serious crimes.  Misdemeanors are not searchable.  Of course, maybe the solution is just not to have a record in the first place.

Thirty-Five. Race is a multiplier of disadvantage in unemployment for people who get out of prison.

Again, don’t commit crimes, don’t go to prison and you have no disadvantage from it.  I wonder why this is something that Quigley never, ever, ever brings up.

Thirty-Six. Families are hurt by this.

It’s typical liberal whining.  Families are harmed by things that people make a conscious  decision to do, things that if they didn’t do, they wouldn’t have problems, things that if they were responsible and made good life choices, they wouldn’t have problems, yet nothing is ever their fault.  Ever.

Thirty-Seven. Convicted people cannot get jobs after they get out.

Then they shouldn’t go in.  Actions have consequences.  Deal with it.

Thirty-Eight. The US spends $80 billion on this big business of corrections every year.

Indeed we do, but we do it because it’s necessary.  If nobody broke the law, if nobody went to prison, we wouldn’t be spending that money.  That’s something that liberals refuse to deal with though.  They think everyone is a victim.  They are wrong.  These people are perpetrators.

Thirty-Nine. Putting more people in jail creates more poverty.

No, people making poor life choices creates more poverty.  People dropping out of school.  People getting involved with drugs and gangs.  People having children out of wedlock before they are financially prepared.  People committing crimes.  People doing stupid things.  All of these things create more poverty.  The way out is clear.  Stop doing stupid shit.

Forty. Putting all these problems together and you can see why the Center for American Progress rightly concludes “Today, a criminal record serves as both a direct cause and consequence of poverty.”

Ah yes, a far left think tank, why am I not surprised?  And while they absolutely provide the truth in this quote, they don’t recognize the fact of the matter.  Yes, a criminal record will screw up your life.  The secret is not to get one.  The secret is to live a decent life.  It might be difficult.  It might be culturally challenging.  That doesn’t matter. We all have to make difficult choices every single day.  It’s the people who do the right thing, the people who make good choices, those are the people who succeed and better their lives.  But liberals don’t care about bettering your life.  Everyone is a victim.  Nothing is ever your fault. It’s all about pointing fingers at everyone but yourself.  That’s why liberalism is so absurd.

40 Bad Reasons for Prison Statistics Pt. 3

Do you agree with Quigley’s ideas about prison?

Two down, here goes #3 in my series on Bill Quigley’s liberal rant about 40 reasons there are so many black and poor people in prison.  He’s failed to come up with anything impressive so far, it’s just empty excuses for why we should ignore the facts and go with emotional platitudes.  Maybe this time will be better.  No, I don’t think so either.

Twenty-One. Lots of poor people plead guilty.

Yup, lots of black people, lots of white people, lots of rich people, lots of poor people, lots of young people and lots of old people.  Again, so what?  Is Bill suggesting that these people are too stupid not to do that?  That they haven’t been advised by their public defender not to do that if they aren’t actually guilty of the crime?  I’m not sure what he’s getting at here.

Twenty-Two. Many are forced to plead guilty.

Forced, huh?  At gunpoint?  I’d like to see Quigley support that one.  Nobody is ever forced to plead guilty.  They do it because they are guilty.

Twenty-Three. Almost nobody in prison ever had a trial.

That’s because they chose to plead guilty.  Nobody forced them to.  They could have had a trial if they wanted.  They just knew that the system had them dead to rights and they were actually guilty of the crime they were accused of.  Actually, in a lot of instances, there’s a plea deal to keep them from actually being convicted of the real crime they committed, rather they get to plead down to a lesser charge.  Personally, I dislike this practice, I think if you commit crime X, you ought to be prosecuted for crime X and if found guilty, imprisoned for crime X.  Only being held accountable for crime X-1 is absurd.   The only reason they do it is because the courts are overcrowded.  Quigley ought to be thankful, not mad.

Twenty-Four. Poor people get jail and jail makes people worse off.

Jail makes everyone worse off.  It’s not supposed to be a holiday.  It’s supposed to suck.  You’re not supposed to want to go there.  Is this news?

Twenty-Five. Average prison sentences are much longer than they used to be, especially for people of color.

Really?  Please show us the sentencing guidelines that give different lengths for people based on their skin color.  This is just ludicrous.  Quigley says that drug crimes now bring longer in prison and that 70% of people in prison for drug crimes are black or poor.  Again, simple solution, stop dealing drugs.  Stop using drugs.  Solved your problem right there.  In fact, if drug use wasn’t an epidemic among the poor, a lot of them probably wouldn’t be poor to begin with.  Yeah, I know, liberals don’t like real world solutions.

Twenty-Six. There is about a 70 percent chance that an African American man without a high school diploma will be imprisoned by the time he reaches his mid-thirties; the rate for white males without a high school diploma is 53 percent lower.

And that’s because blacks commit crimes at a greater rate than whites.  Remember the FBI statistics that I presented a couple of days ago?  Blacks, who make up 12% of the overall American population, commit 49.4% of the murders.  They commit 31.3% of the rapes.  They commit 56.4% of the robberies.  In fact, there are very few categories of crime where they commit less than 12% of the crimes.  Across all categories, they commit an average of 28.4% of all crimes of record kept by the FBI.  This is not a crime-free bunch, being handed a “Go to jail, go directly to jail, do not collect $200” card.  They have earned their treatment by violating the law.  I’d like to present similar statistics by economic class but I haven’t been able to find official sources where the FBI or other group is measuring crimes by income.  I wouldn’t think that it’s significantly different though, although I welcome actual data to examine that says otherwise.

Twenty-Seven. Almost one of 12 Black men ages 25 to 54 are in jail or prison, compared to one in 60 nonblack men.

And… don’t commit crimes.  Yeah, I know, I could just answer that for most of these and take the rest of the day off but that’s too easy.  The fact is, there is a ghetto culture in America that has been adopted, not just by poor blacks but by the poor of many racial groups, that has ruined a lot of people.  It doesn’t value education.  It doesn’t value responsibility.  It pushes people into a life of crime, a life of drugs and gangs and single parenthood.  If  you want to blame anything for the state of the poor in this country, blame that idiotic culture, something that’s pushed by a lot of vocal, and wealthy, black leaders as a means of keeping the poor and downtrodden reliant on them.  Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have made a mint keeping the black man down. It’s their schtick.  Regardless, so long as this poisonous ghetto culture continues, the poor are going to remain victims.

Twenty-Eight. Prison has become a very big private business.

This may be one of the few times in this list I will agree.  I don’t think private prisons ought to exist, if we’re going to hold people accountable to the law and put them away, we ought to pay for it directly.  Society needs to be just as accountable as the criminals.  We need to get rid of private prisons entirely.

Twenty-Nine. The Sentencing Project reports that over 159,000 people are serving life sentences in the U.S. Nearly half are African American and one in six are Latino.

So what?  All that means is that an inordinately large number of people that have committed serious crimes, or a string of serious crimes, are black or Hispanic.  Welcome to reality.  I thought this was supposed to be a list of reasons it was happening unfairly.  I haven’t seen one yet.

Thirty. Inside prisons, the poorest people are taken advantage of again as most items such as telephone calls to families are priced exorbitantly high, some as high as $12.95 for a 15 minute call, further separating families.

If they don’t want their families separated, say it with me, they shouldn’t have committed the crimes in the first place.  Broken record, I know, but it’s the truth that Quigley refuses to acknowledge.  They aren’t taken advantage of, they already screwed themselves over by breaking the law.  It’s called consequences.  I know that word doesn’t appear in liberal dictionaries.

I really thought that by now, he might have something useful to say but I guess not.  All he’s trying to do is make excuses for why black culture and ghetto culture has failed in America.  We all acknowledge it, well except for the liberals who would call everything I have to say racism because I’m not giving these people a pass.  I hold everyone equally responsible.  I expect equal treatment under the law.  If you don’t want to end up behind bars, live a responsible life.  Like that’s ever going to happen.

40 Bad Reasons for Prison Statistics Pt. 2

Why are so many black and poor people in prison?

Yesterday I started looking at 40 reasons why there are so many black and poor people in prison, proposed by Bill Quigley of Loyola University New Orleans. So far, these have been ridiculous claims and absurd padding that really ignore the simple facts.  Can he do any better today?  Let’s find out.

Eleven. Many people in jail and prison because the U.S. has much tougher drug laws and much longer sentences for drug offenses than most other countries.

And that has what to do with the price of tea in China?  It doesn’t matter, the law is the law and you stay out of prison by not breaking the law.  That ought to be pretty obvious.  Whether you like the laws or not is really irrelevant, so long as they are in force, so long as everyone is held equally accountable, there’s no real cause to complain, or at least no real legitimate cause to complain.  Liberals are good at complaining, just because.

Twelve. The bail system penalizes poor people.

Those that don’t break the law don’t go to jail and hence, don’t need bail.  You wouldn’t think this would be that hard to understand, would you?

Thirteen. Jails and prisons provide a lot of jobs to local, state and federal officials.

As I said in my last post, this might be the case but it has nothing whatsoever to do with the issues being raised here. How does this fact have anything to do with blacks and the poor landing behind bars?  How is it any different than saying the Post Office employs a lot of people?

Fourteen. The people in local jails are not there because they are a threat to the rest of us.

No, they are there because they broke the law.  Is this somehow news?

Fifteen. Criminal bonds are big business.

Again, so what?  What does it have to do with anything?  Lots of flowers are blue.  So what?  This is just more padding.

Sixteen. A very high percentage of people in local jails are people with diagnosed mental illnesses.


Seventeen. Lots of people in jail need treatment.

See, sixteen and seventeen could have been easily combined but no, he’s padding out what should be a very short list if he just got rid of the irrelevancies and the worthless points.  But let’s look at this.  A lot of people would never get any treatment for their mental illnesses unless they got arrested and could be put into treatment.  Being arrested is probably the best thing for a lot of people.  You can’t just scoop these people up off the streets and shove them into a sanitarium anymore.  And, of course, that still doesn’t change the fact that these people, regardless of their mental conditions, still committed a crime, perhaps a serious crime.

Eighteen. Those who are too poor, too mentally ill or too chemically dependent, though still presumed innocent, are kept in cages until their trial dates.

And that’s easy to take care of, don’t commit crimes.  This keeps coming back to this simple fact and I don’t think it’ll ever  be anything Quigley wants to address.  It is a simple, elegant solution.  I’ve never seen the inside of a jail cell in my life.  Nobody I know has ever seen the inside of a jail cell.  I didn’t have to struggle to stay out of jail.  Why do they?  Why should they be given special treatment because they can’t manage it?

Nineteen. Poor people have to rely on public defenders.

Okay?  When you can’t afford something, you have to rely on what is provided for you for free.  Again, if you don’t want to rely on public defenders, stay the hell out of jail!

Twenty. When poor people face felony charges they often find the public defenders overworked and underfunded and thus not fully available to provide adequate help in their case.

Do I really have to repeat myself again so soon?  Okay.  Yes.  You’re not going to get the same kind of legal defense for free that you could get if you had a million dollars.  Welcome to reality.  You’re not going to get the same quality of food at McDonalds as you are at a 5-star French restaurant.  Big deal.

This is all turning into a big excuse session.  The simple fact is, if you don’t commit any crimes, if you stay on the straight and narrow, you will never get yourself into prison, or at least it’s extremely unlikely.  Quigley pretends that this is a list of reasons why so many black people and poor people are in prison, he’s just ignoring the only real reason that matters, because they commit crimes.  They deserve to go to prison because they violate the law.  Is this supposed to be a surprise?  Apparently to Quigley and a lot of liberals, it is.  But 10 more “reasons” tomorrow.

40 Bad Reasons for Prison Statistics Pt. 1

Why is the black prison population so high?

I really get kind of tired of watching liberals whine and moan about how unfair the world is, only to really have no way of pointing to actual, demonstrable, defensible examples of how it is actually unfair.   One common claim is that it’s really unfair that a disproportionate number of black and poor people are stuck in America’s prisons, yet I never really see why it’s supposed to be unfair that people who actually commit crimes end up behind bars.  Now, Bill Quigly, a law professor at Loyola University in New Orleans provides 40 reasons why this is so horrible.  This is a rather extensive list so I’ve split it into four 10-reason posts.  So let’s take a look at his first 10 reasons, shall we?

Before we even get started, I want to point out that many of these reasons are repeats or slight modifications of other reasons, I think he thought a nice large and round number served his purpose better so he cheated a fair bit.  Therefore, I’m probably not going to spend a lot of time on his repeats, fair warning.

One. It is not just about crime.

Well, yeah, actually it is.  We don’t put people in prison for no reason whatsoever.  You might not like the crimes they commit, you may be unhappy with the laws they violate, but they are actual laws that people are being held accountable for.  I might even agree with you that some of these laws should be abolished and the penalties on the books changed.  That’s something for the law profession to handle.  What are you doing about it?

Two. Police discriminate.

Really?  Prove it.  The reason that police spend more time looking at blacks and the poor is because those people commit a disproportionate amount of the crimes.  There is only a limited amount of time that the police have to do their jobs, they have to spend the most time on the people that are most likely to be guilty.  What, you want us to look at the quadriplegic in a wheelchair as a serious suspect for vehicular homicide?  That’s not rational.  How about someone brain dead in a hospital bed? What crime do you want to suspect them of?  If blacks and the poor want to stop being considered for crimes, they need to actually stop committing so many.

Three. Police traffic stops also racially target people in cars.

First off, this is about prison, not traffic stops.  Whether people do this or not is entirely irrelevant to the question at hand.  In fact, there are a lot of questions here about traffic stops and traffic tickets that have zero to do with putting anyone in prison for anything, but again, this guy needs to pad his list.  Secondly though, and this goes back to my answer in question 2.  Police pull people over who break the traffic laws, they don’t just randomly pull people over for no reason whatsoever.  I did a post on this a long time ago that illustrates this.  I’m not saying it never happens and when it does, those officers need to be held accountable for their actions and probably relieved of their duties.  I just don’t think that the “no reason” advocates really have any evidence that it’s for absolutely no reason at all most of the time.

Four. Once stopped, Black and Hispanic motorists are more likely to be given tickets than white drivers stopped for the same offenses.

I don’t even think that this is defensible because all cases are different.  How would they even be able to support such a claim? How do you show that a black driver gets a ticket when a white one doesn’t under exactly the same conditions?  I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, I just question the statistical analysis.  The idea that you can take 100 traffic stops for  blacks and 100 traffic stops for whites and say that because blacks got 51 tickets and whites got 49 tickets, that proves the system is racist is nonsense.

Five. Once stopped, Blacks and Latinos are also more likely to be searched.

It is illegal to search without probable cause.  Again, going back to question four, you’d have to show that the exact same probable cause will make a particular officer search only a black driver and not a white driver consistently and if you can do that, that’s an officer that needs disciplinary action.  I have yet to see evidence or studies that have shown that though.  Maybe black drivers simply have probable cause more often than white drivers do.

Six. Traffic tickets are big business.

They are indeed and this is somewhere I agree with Quigley, but this, in and of itself, is not a reason for anything.  It’s just a fact. It doesn’t put anyone in prison, any more than any of these other traffic related statements do.  It’s like saying “water is wet”.  That may be true but it doesn’t mean a thing.

Seven. The consequences of traffic tickets are much more severe among poor people.

But if that’s the case and if claim 5 is true, then what impetus do the police have in stopping the poor, who cannot pay the fines, than stopping the wealthy that can?  Yes, the wealthy can also afford lawyers to fight their tickets and that is an expense that the city doesn’t have to undertake with the poor, but at the same time, for legitimate tickets, the wealthy will probably not bother to fight it, it’s cheaper to just write a check.  You cannot get blood from a rock, ticketing the poor won’t get any money into your coffers.  In fact, in California, they’re trying to pass a law that says that the poor are immune from traffic tickets, which is only going to make things worse.

Eight. In schools, African American kids are much more likely to be referred to the police than other kids.

Without context, this is meaningless.  Maybe black kids are causing more problems than white kids.  You’d need to have studies that show that black kids are being arrested in much greater quantities for committing the same offenses under the same circumstances as white kids.  I don’t think they have those studies but if they do, I’d love to see them and in that case, I’d be completely supportive of disciplinary action toward whatever administrators or teachers are responsible.

Nine. Though Black people make up about 12 percent of the U.S. population, Black children are 28 percent of juvenile arrests.

Which is entirely irrelevant if black children commit 28% of the crimes.  See, this is where liberal quota politics is a problem. It doesn’t matter what kind of percentages there are, it matters who actually performs the actions and commits the crimes.  If black people were responsible for a lot of the crimes, they should be held accountable for the crimes they actually commit.  In the 2012 FBI crime statistics, the most recent available,  blacks are responsible for 49.4% of the murders and non-negligible homicides.  It is absolutely ridiculous to count how many black murderers we arrest until we get to 12% and then stop because you’ve hit your quota.  All murderers, regardless of skin color, need to be brought to justice.  All of them.

Ten. The War on Drugs targets Black people.

Which is, again, irrelevant.  It doesn’t target black people (and why is “black” capitalized all the time?).  If blacks commit an inordinate amount of the drug crime, they ought to be prosecuted an inordinate amount of the time.  Skin color ought not matter.  If they are, whether because of their skin color or their economic status, more likely to commit these crimes, then it is only to be expected that they would be prosecuted more often.  I’m not sure why this is a question.  Nobody is going “hey, we should pass laws that will only affect black people”.  That’s idiotic.

Well, that’s the first ten. What do you think?  Do you think that Quigley’s reasons are valid?  Let’s continue tomorrow, okay?

Spinning Gun Violence Numbers

Police Gun Deaths

I really hate people with agendas, although it’s something that you see every day and many are so used to it that they don’t recognize that it’s happening at all.  This is an image that popped up on Facebook and has spread around the Interwebtubes, but which is exactly the kind of thing that I’m talking about.

It tries to compare police shootings from the U.S., Germany, Great Britain and Japan and attempts to shock people at how many police shootings there were in the U.S. Sorry, it’s all bullshit.

First off, both Great Britain and Japan’s police officers do not carry firearms on a regular basis, hence there are very few police-involved shootings.  Note the infographic specifies shootings, not police-involved deaths.  This makes it inherently dishonest to compare the United States, a nation where police carry guns, with two nations where their police do not.

Secondly, while German police do carry firearms, the incidence of gun ownership in Germany is extremely low.  Guns are not commonly available, hence the police rarely run into a suspect armed with a gun.  Because German authorities don’t have to worry about the safety of the public from gun-wielding criminals, or their own safety, they don’t have to shoot criminals often. In Germany, they have had a total of 109 police officer gun related fatalities since 1998.  Again, this is not an analogous situation to the United States, it’s like comparing snowmobiling deaths in Scandinavia with those in Panama.  Clearly, the writer just took the lowest three nations and threw them on the list without considering the truth of the situation.  As I said before, an agenda.

Third, they are comparing pure numbers without regard for population.  The United States had about 316 million people in 2013.  With 409 shootings, that works out to 1.29  shootings per MILLION PEOPLE!  Germany had 3 shootings in a nation of 80 million people, which works out to 0.04 shootings per million people, but the real data there is an absurdly low number of shootings in both cases, adjusted for population.  Your chances of being killed in a police shooting in the United States are literally one in a million.  If there was a disease that affected that many people, drug companies wouldn’t even bother developing a vaccine.  It just wouldn’t be worth it.

Finally, and this largely goes along with my second point, they are entirely ignoring countries where police-related gun violence is epidemic.  Why?  Because they don’t really  care about anyone else, they’re just trying to push their anti-gun agenda.  Take Kenya, for example, where large swaths of the police force are corrupt and shoot people with impunity.  Does that get any attention in the infographic?  Not a bit.  Why would it, it gets in the way of the agenda!

So please, before you fall for any of this absurd crap, at least think about what they’re saying and if what they’re saying makes any sort of sense.  Just buying into things on face value isn’t rational, it’s just following an agenda.


Some Police Officers are Increasingly Afraid…

Police Riot GearWith the recent nonsense surrounding Ferguson and other liberal hotspots, I find this news story entirely unsurprising. According to the mayor of Philadelphia, some police officers are getting increasingly frightened of the communities that they are assigned to protect.

Yet the problem isn’t that most cops are crooked and need to be looked upon with distrust, the problem is that lots of citizens have little to no respect for the law or for the people who we have tasked with enforcing it.  These are people who are patently anti-social, they care about no one but themselves and if anything bad happens or they even get the feeling something bad can happen, they take to the streets and scream bloody murder.

See, all of these recent cases haven’t been bad white cops out shooting innocent black men on the streets for no reason.  That isn’t what happened in a single case.  Michael Brown tried to take the gun from a cop.  Eric Garner was breaking the law and resisting arrest.  Antonio Martin pulled a gun on a cop.  In every case, it’s been black criminals breaking the law, acting in a manner contrary to their own well-being and getting shot for it.  Yes, it’s a shame when the cops have to use lethal force, but to see the largely liberal public screaming that cops ought to be shot before they ever harm a civilian is absolutely absurd.  These cops are not being found guilty of a crime because they haven’t done anything wrong, that doesn’t stop the community from trying them in the court of public opinion.  All these communities, and it’s virtually all liberals from what I’ve seen, are ignoring the circumstances of the shootings and only seeing that the dead guy was black and the cop was white and that’s all there is to it. It’s more of that absurd victim mentality that pervades the liberal mind, especially in the black community.

These are not cops that hate their communities, these are communities that hate their cops.  In Brooklyn, New York, two cops were brutally murdered in their police car as “revenge” for the police shootings that have happened in recent weeks.  The murderer, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, murdered his girlfriend and boasted that he wanted to kill cops.  After killing officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, he turned the  gun on himself.  There was a second attempt at a cop shooting in the Bronx that was avoided only because the gun jammed as an unnamed gunman took aim at two police officers.  Cops have every right to be afraid of their communities, especially when their communities are cheering attacks on the authorities.

Of course, this wouldn’t be much of a story if the whole premise put forward by these hoodlums is entirely false, which it is. So here’s the actual data.  There are 641,208 police officers in the United States, at least as of 1998 when the last study was done. Of those, 87% are white and 11% are black, which for the purposes of this point are all that are relevant.  From 1980-2008, black officers were involved in 13% of the justifiable shootings by police.  In those shootings, less than 3% of those shot were white and 11% were black.  Black officers shoot far more black suspects than white suspects.  Is that racism?  Nobody on the left will claim so.  Further, according to Bureau of Justice statistics, only 1/5000th of 1% of all arrests made nationwide result in the death of the suspect.  In the seven years of the study from 2003-2009, there were nearly 98 million arrests made in the United States.  Only a minuscule number of those arrests resulted in the death of the arrestee, an average of 1 per every 20,000 arrests. You are four times more likely to be electrocuted in your shower than to be killed during an arrest, yet according to a lot of liberal pundits, police violence is at an all-time high.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

According to Policing and Homicide 1976 to 1998, published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics of the Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice, and published in March 2001, a disproportionate number of black officers are involved in shootings deemed justifiable in the United States.  Remember, I said that blacks made up 11% of the 641,208 officers nationwide, yet they account for more than 17% of all justifiable police shootings.  They also, as I mentioned before, are responsible for far more black-officer-shooting-black-suspects than white officers by a wide margin, 32 in 100,000 for black officers vs. 14 in 100,000 for white officers.  We see that white-officer-shooting-white-suspects in the same time period is 28 in 100,000, vs. 11 in 100,000 for black officers. Clearly, white officers are not out trying to kill black suspects as “leaders” in the “black community” have claimed.  If anything, they should be screaming about black officers because they demonstrably kill more black suspects than anyone else.  Of course, black-on-black violence is epidemic in our country, a black man is 6x more likely to be killed by another black man than by a white man, yet the “black community” doesn’t talk about that.  There’s no racist angle there to exploit.  They can’t play the victim card so they don’t bring it up.

But here’s where things become interesting.  According to the studies, young black males murder police officers at a rate 6x higher than young white males do.  At the time of the study in 1998, young  black males made up less than 1% of the population but accounted for more than 21% of the police murders.  And people wonder why cops pay more attention to young black males?  Seriously?

The longer this nonsense goes on, the more I wonder if it isn’t better if the cops just pull back from these ghetto neighborhoods and let them all murder each other.  It isn’t at all unlikely, studies done of some of the most violent neighborhoods in the nation show that you have between a 1:7 and 1:15 chance of being the victim of violent crime each and every year  you spend in these neighborhoods.  Take away what law enforcement there is in these areas and there will be blood running in the streets in short order.  Hopefully the people who are most likely to attack the police will be the first ones to go, but let’s be honest, if the police did walk away, as they certainly have every reason to do, the black community would be up in arms screaming that they’re not being protected.

The cops just can’t win.  Sorry, given a choice between a cop that puts his or her life on the line every day and some career criminals, I’ll take the cop each and every time, without exception.  Maybe we need a little gene pool cleaning in this country.