#BLM Doesn’t Understand Law Enforcement

The mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed, just had a meeting with the local chapter head of Black Lives Matter, who handed out a list of demands regarding law enforcement. Among their demands were: 1. Better police training. 2. De-escalation training. 3. Reduced funding to Atlanta PD. 4. End special operation to reduce gun crimes. 5. […]

Police: To Serve And Protect

This showed up on my radar a while back, where the LAPD said they need more officers to protect people and, predictably, lots of people, particularly on the left, started whining that the police weren’t protecting them and they were expected to protect themselves. Well duh! The police do not protect people.  They never have. […]

Liberals Hate Police

I was having a recent discussion about the case of a school field officer in South Carolina who was called by a teacher to handle a disruptive student, and was fired for brutality.  And you know something?  The whole student body came out in support of the officer, none of them are calling for his […]

Police Payouts Don’t Prove Wrongdoing

I was talking to someone recently and he claimed that the fact that there are so many large payouts in police brutality cases across America proves that there is something seriously wrong with the police in America today.  I disagreed.  These are all civil cases, not criminal ones.  I just think it proves that there are […]

40 Bad Reasons for Prison Statistics Pt. 3

Two down, here goes #3 in my series on Bill Quigley’s liberal rant about 40 reasons there are so many black and poor people in prison.  He’s failed to come up with anything impressive so far, it’s just empty excuses for why we should ignore the facts and go with emotional platitudes.  Maybe this time […]

40 Bad Reasons for Prison Statistics Pt. 2

Yesterday I started looking at 40 reasons why there are so many black and poor people in prison, proposed by Bill Quigley of Loyola University New Orleans. So far, these have been ridiculous claims and absurd padding that really ignore the simple facts.  Can he do any better today?  Let’s find out. Eleven. Many people […]

40 Bad Reasons for Prison Statistics Pt. 1

I really get kind of tired of watching liberals whine and moan about how unfair the world is, only to really have no way of pointing to actual, demonstrable, defensible examples of how it is actually unfair.   One common claim is that it’s really unfair that a disproportionate number of black and poor people […]

Spinning Gun Violence Numbers

I really hate people with agendas, although it’s something that you see every day and many are so used to it that they don’t recognize that it’s happening at all.  This is an image that popped up on Facebook and has spread around the Interwebtubes, but which is exactly the kind of thing that I’m […]