Is a Fetus Human?

I usually don’t engage in abortion debates because I find them to be horribly overly-emotional affairs, with people on both sides wailing and gnashing their teeth and nothing ever getting intellectually resolved.  Debating abortion with theists is usually about as pointless as debating religion because they are psychologically incapable of changing their minds, or even […]

I Hate Debating Abortion

This is one of those subjects that I mostly gave up talking about online a long time ago, mostly because you’re never going to convince anyone of anything because everyone, on every side, has a wholly emotional take on the subject matter.  You have the people on the right who can’t discuss abortion without bringing […]

Same-Sex Marriage Causes Abortion?

Sometimes you wonder if the religious can get any more bat-shit insane and then they have to go and prove that yes, yes they can.  According to Gene Schaerr, a lawyer on the unsuccessful legal team that argued against Utah’s same-sex marriage laws, that legalizing gay marriage will have the effect of producing even more abortions. […]

Timing the Abortion Discussion

The more time I spend in an abortion forum, the more I’m reminded why I don’t spend much time in abortion forums.  The place is just horrifically stupid and the people are just screaming at each other. Case in point, there are a bunch of fundamentalist Christian guys in the forum complaining that their wives […]

Examining Ten Universal Principles

There was a theist on Twitter who was demanding that theists watch this 2 1/2 hour video by Father Robert Spitzer, claiming it would convince us all that God was real.  Um… no.  Not going to happen.  However, that doesn’t mean Spitzer might not have something worth listening to so I selected another of his […]

Liberal Stupidity on Abortion

There are reasons that I really avoid a couple of debate subjects, like abortion and racism, because the second you make any statements, no matter how mild, the whining liberals are out in force trying to make you seem like a hate-monger.  This is really why I utterly hate the whole radical feminist nonsense, because […]

My Position on Abortion

This ought to piss pretty much everyone off.  I have tried to avoid discussions and debates on abortion for a long, long time now, mostly because they are all emotional cluster-fucks where people who spend all their time “feeling” instead of “thinking” congregate and whine at each other.  I can’t tell you when the last […]

Douchebags Have Rights Too

There was a recent news story about a man in New Mexico who, upset that his girlfriend supposedly had an abortion, put up a billboard accusing her of having an abortion and denying him fatherhood.  He admits he has no idea whether she had an abortion or not, she could have had a miscarriage, but […]