Philosophy: You Think, Therefore You Are?

“I think, therefore I am” is one of the classical philosophical statements, first uttered by René Descartes in the 17th century and most people take it as presented without giving it a whole lot of thought.  However, anyone who stops to consider it rationally for a few moments will realize that it actually is a statement of […]

What is Philosophy For?

I’ve questioned a lot of “philosophers” over the years, asking what is modern philosophy good for and haven’t really gotten a lot of good answers.  Sure, they’ll toss out all the things that the ancient philosophers have done, but what has philosophy done for us lately? Anyhow, I came across this short video on YouTube […]

Are Americans Stupid?

It seems to me that Americans, indeed humans regardless of where they’re from, have gotten stupider as time has gone on.  There was a time when people were at least marginally intelligent, they had the ability to work out simple problems for themselves and didn’t need their hands held to ponder the most infantile dilemmas.  […]

Most Morality is Wholly Emotional

After the end of the Atheist Experience show I talked about here, I stayed in the chat channel and talked to a couple of people. Things shifted to morality and wow, there are a lot of irrational people about who unfortunately are convinced they are rational.  The discussion was sparked by people talking about claims […]

Arguing Free Will is Religious

There are a lot of subjects that I really don’t like to talk about, not because I can’t, but because people on the other side really haven’t got a clue what they’re talking about and they’re often very emotionally attached to one side or the other.  One of those subjects is abortion, another is natural […]

Where Philosophy Falls Apart

I’ve been very critical of philosophy over the years and for very good reason because philosophy tends to get misused a lot. There are times where philosophy is useful, such as when it keeps debates and discussions on the proper, logical, non-fallacious path and keeps people from saying things that are simply unjustified and unjustifiable. […]

That’s Just The Way It Is

One of the most disturbing arguments I see and one that bugs me a lot is the idea that we shouldn’t try to change humanity for the better because people are irrational and “that’s just the way it is”.  This comes up most often in religious discussions where I try to encourage people to think […]

Opinions vs. Statements of Fact

The recent discussion on natural rights has resulted in yet another concept that libertarians and others of their ilk don’t seem to get.  See, there was one libertarian who was honest and admitted that “natural rights” was just his opinion.  Well no, it’s really not because for every single natural-rights advocate I’ve ever come across, […]

The Religion of Natural Rights

I always find it amusing whenever a discussion about natural rights pops up because the typically libertarian adherents have to resort to quasi-religious means to have any hope whatsoever in justifying the concept.  Recently, yet another of these fun topics reared its ugly head and, like clockwork, the libertarians leapt into the fray, declaring, without […]

Clear Immorality Doesn’t Exist

On a recent Atheist Experience, Matt Dillahunty was talking to a caller, explaining that people can be clearly immoral, holding opinions that Matt and other atheists find reprehensible.  You know, while I agree with Matt on his moral views more often than not, I have to call bullshit once again and explain that there is […]

Bad Expectations

One thing I really get tired of is the never-ending race to the bottom, where people think acting like animals is their right and nobody had better ever disagree with them, or else.  I’m tired of the bad expectations, I look at it differently. See, most lower animals operate on pure instinct and emotion, they […]

Philosophy is Dead, Or It Should Be

Lawrence Krauss and Neil deGrasse Tyson have both been very critical of philosophy lately, saying that it hasn’t kept pace with modern science and, at least according to Tyson, what has it done for science lately?  Philosopher Massimo Pigliucci has responded, specifically to Tyson in an article, but I’m really not convinced. Now I admit to […]

When Cultures Disappear

On an episode of The Atheist Experience, I’m hesitant to say “recent” and certainly not “most recent” because by the time anyone reads this, that won’t be remotely true, but on episode #866, a caller wanted to argue that people should pay attention to various cultures that may fail, especially in this case Mexican cultures, […]

Tired of Liberal Privilege Whines

This is another of those constant drones that we see on the Internet, liberals pointing fingers and accusing others of being privileged, therefore they should keep their damn mouths shut and let everyone else talk because anything that anyone who actually isn’t living in destitution isn’t worth listening to.  They think that liberal privilege should […]

Not Predictably Irrational

It’s somewhat rare when I get to sit down and read a book, especially a heavy-duty, intellectual book.  I might manage to muddle through the latest Richard Dawkins tome, usually many months after it comes out, but that’s not a common occurrence.  I did have someone recommend to me that I pick up Predictably Irrational: […]

Why I’m So Negative

A couple of years ago, I did a post called “Why I’m So Mean” where I explained that I’m not really a mean person, people just take it that way because they don’t like to be told that they’re wrong.  People get so emotionally attached to their opinions, beliefs and ideas that when anyone even […]

Suicide Part Deux

A while back, I talked about suicide and why I think many people have a very bad view of it.  Well, maybe not a bad view but at least a very self-centered view.  Lots of people have an irrational fear of death and because they are afraid to die, they impose that on others and […]

Axiom For The Win!

It seems to me that there are a few topics that lend themselves to axiomatic victories.  People who argue these aren’t really interested in demonstrating that they are true, they simply insist that they are and move on from there.  They start with the conclusion that everything they believe is right and look for evidence, […]

Presuppositionalism and Philosophy

With the recent news that Matt Dillahunty will be debating Sye ten Bruggencate on presuppositional apologetics, I took a look at some of the recent debates and discussions around Sye’s claims and found Sye, perhaps even more than before, a laughing stock.  AronRa recently ripped him a new one on a Dogma Debate where Sye […]