Dealing With Death: The Pet Edition

The absurd fear of death is everywhere, I just managed to piss off a bunch of people after someone posted that John Hurt had died and I said “people tend to do that”.  I also wondered when they were going to start with the incessant whine that “2017 is the worst year ever”, like they […]

Making Better Products

I’m on advisory panels for two different companies, a pet food manufacturer and a paint manufacturer, and I notice the exact same things about both of them.  Both companies are trying to find ways to make their products sell better, but they are not really interested in making their products actually better.  And I understand […]

Return of the Sucker Brigade

Yes, we went and did it again, although this time we have an excuse.  Last night, my youngest daughter went to Market Night, the local weekly farmer’s market with her friends and while there, she came across this young kitten.  When she was ready to be picked up, she told me about it and didn’t […]

Bird Fanatics Fear Success

Yes, this is yet another rant about the stupid, hyper-emotional bird fanatics and the fact that they cannot handle the real world.  It’s also once again the rush to vilify anyone who seems to do better than they do.  So this morning, I wake up and there’s a new thread asking how people’s cats and […]

Do I Want Another Bird?

Ran across a question on the bird forum this morning that I thought was interesting.  There are always birds posted that either someone found on Craigslist or Kijiji or that someone has gotten in over their heads and has to get rid of and invariably, you get people posting “oh, I wish I could take […]

Diary of a Fanboy: Pet Edition

I was thinking, for some reason, about pet names, probably in regard to the puppy that I’m going to have coming home in a couple of weeks, and I realized that fannish people are typically not likely to name their pets the standard Spot or Fluffy that are overdone to death.  In fact, most of […]

While We’re Talking About Fanatics

Let’s talk about bird people.  Okay, let’s  be honest, bird women.  A huge percentage of bird owners seem to be women, although I don’t have any particular data to back that up, the overwhelming majority of people on bird forums where gender is self-identified do tend to be female.  That’s not a good or a […]

Birds at the End of the Line

My favorite bird farm is quickly going out of business.  Oh, they say they’re “downsizing”, that they’re “re-consolidating” their assets and “re-evaluating” their business plan but it’s really clear what’s going on.  It’s a shame because they’ve been around almost 40 years.  Beyond just having birds, feed, toys, cages and supplies, they had a huge […]

PETA Can’t Be That Dumb!

Every time I think an extremist group can’t get any stupider, I run into something like this.  PETA, closely linked with animal terrorist organizations, apparently thinks that Pokemon are real.  Yes, you heard me right, PETA has released a web-based parody of the popular Pokemon video game series that tells people to “free ’em all”. […]

Another Mouth to Feed

Well, as I said before, we lost a cat last week, but we were planning on getting a replacement on Saturday, which is exactly what we did.  I’m really not a cat person.  I don’t hate them particularly or I wouldn’t have had so many over the years, but I much prefer dogs.  However, I’m […]

Death is a Part of Life

We lost a cat today.  He was old and it was natural causes, but we’ve seen it coming for months.  He slowly started to lose weight, even though he was still eating, but his energy levels went down to the point that he could hardly move on his own.  My youngest daughter took on the […]

Stupid Cat People

I think Animal Planet runs some of the most idiotic shows around, which considering the rest of the cable lineup, is saying a lot.  Some of the worst shows, though, are the ones that show “animal lovers” who can’t handle their animals.  This is where we get all the trainers and the experts that come […]

I Beat PZ Myers To The Punch

Best R/C helicopter ever!  If it wasn’t made from apparent road-kill, I’d make one!  My oldest daughter, upon seeing it, declared it a UFO – “Unidentifed Feline Object”, which I think is a fantastic term for it. And it’s perfect fodder for the ongoing PZ Myers/Jerry Coyne cat war too.  They’ve been going back and […]

The Idiots of Craigslist

Sorry, I just have to vent for a minute, simply because there’s no real way to do it effectively on Craigslist.  Yes, Craigslist uses absurdly outdated technology that doesn’t allow people to do anything to respond to ads, nor really to carry on an effective discussion in their forums.  Maybe I’m just spoiled, but threaded […]

“Pet” Peeves

Over on the bird forum, someone started a thread about pet peeves, especially those related to birds.  Lots of people popped up saying they hated people taking unwanted liberties with their birds, asking stupid questions about their birds, etc. My pet peeve would never survive there.  My pet peeve, and this relates to more than […]

Ding Dong! The Dog is Dead!

This is going to come off as somewhat cruel, so for the more sensitive animal lovers among you, turn back now.  Really.  You’re not going to like what I have to say.  If you click on the <MORE> button, you’ll probably regret it.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

It’s a Bird Show! A Bird Show!

Got out yesterday afternoon and attended a local bird show.  I don’t know what I was expecting, to be perfectly honest, some of the shows I’ve attended lately have been terrible disappointments, some have pleasantly surprised me.  This was a mixture of both. We went, mostly to see what was there, but secretly I really […]

Hopeless Waste of Time

Sometimes, posts on other blogs will spark something I want to touch on, but it’s even rarer when it’s not blog posts, but responses to blog posts, that specifically make me want to comment. In response to this article, a commenter here said this: I also think your questions were excellent and pertinent. This whole […]

Best of Bad Options

I got criticized over on the avian forums for suggesting that there are some birds that just shouldn’t be rescued.  Someone took exception to this, as if I’m being overly harsh with regard to pet birds, she said I wouldn’t say the same thing about dogs or cats or kids. She’s wrong.

Liberal Guilt & Birds

I know I’ve been posting a lot about birds lately, but this is a bit different.  Over on an avian forum, there’s been a thread going about aviculture and guilt.  It asks if people feel guilty owning birds, or directly or indirectly over what other people do with birds. I think the whole concept is […]

My Policy on Rescues

I see this all the time and it bothers me, that someone wants to place their messed up pet with someone else because they cannot afford it or cannot handle it.  Now while this might be heartbreaking to see an animal suffering, shouldn’t we be considering our role in perpetuating that suffering? The unfortunate reality […]

Getting to Hate Craigslist

I wrote not that long about about the absurd practice on Craigslist of “re-homing” birds, entirely ignoring the rules that only a small re-homing fee can be charged.  People are demanding hundreds and even thousands of dollars for animals they’re not allowed to be selling and Craigslist relies on the users to report them all […]

The Fallacy of “Re-homing”

There’s been this discussion going on lately on an avian board about “re-homing” birds, especially with regard to Craigslist.  Craigslist has a policy that you cannot use their system to sell animals, a policy that I very much support.  However, that’s just led to people using a different word and continuing to sell animals in […]