The Craziness of the Calendar

  I’ve said before that I write prolifically and that my blogs, both of them, are scheduled out to an absurd degree.  In fact, I often don’t even remember writing many of the posts that come up during the week, I have to go back and re-read them because it’s been literally months since I […]

22 Answers to 22 Creationists Part 1

Over on Buzzfeed, Matt Stopera interviewed a number of creationists following the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate and asked them to write a question about science in a notebook.  Here are the first 11 pictures that Matt took, along with my answers to these questions.  I’ve seen a lot of very short answers to these, I […]

The Dead are Dead, Leave Them Be

I’ll be honest, I don’t give a damn when celebrities die.  As I write this, Peter O’Toole and Nelson Mandela are still being whined about, as well as the tons of atheists who are remembering the death of Christopher Hitchens two years ago, but you know something?  None of these things bother me in the […]

My Views on Transsexuals

Grimachu, over at The Atheist Fist wrote an apology over a debate he had a while back from a transsexual that ended badly, mostly because he describes the actions of the transsexual as assholish. While I can’t speak to that debate, I can say that I’m sure the LGBTQABCDEFG community would probably hate my take […]

Science in America?

There have been a lot of commercials on TV lately, aired by ExxonMobil, calling for bettering our students in science and math.  I absolutely support that, I think it’s embarrassing that American students rank in such low positions, we ought to be #1, not #25. But you know something?  There are reasons why we are […]

What Social Media Ought To Be

I’ve talked about this in the past and I know that I am not the target audience for social media, but there simply are no social media sites out there that do what I want them to do.  Social media is, almost by definition, shallow.  It’s meant to appeal to the short-attention-span crowd.  It is […]

A Book You Say?

Yes, it is true, on this week’s Bitchspot Report Podcast, I sort of touch on a book that I’m working on, which is why I was so tired, so before people ask, I’ll tell you a little bit about it.  I’m just getting started really, I’m about 90 pages in, mostly snippets so far.  It’s […]

New Year’s Resolution Time

Normally, I don’t worry about New Year’s Resolutions, the whole idea of waiting until a certain day to make changes in your life strikes me as really absurd, if there is something that I need to change, why wait, why not just do it?  However, last year, I actually did have a resolution, I totally […]

The Stupidity of Telemarketers

I have a problem with telemarketers.  I hate them and they’re stupid.  Think that’s mean?  It’s not, honestly.  For one thing, I’ve been on the Federal No-Call List since the thing existed and it doesn’t mean a damn thing and the telemarketers know it.  I’ve even had them laugh in my face when I told […]

Bored With Atheism Part 2

A while back, I wrote about being bored with atheism.  For some reason, I started to re-read some portions of Carl Sagan’s excellent book, The Demon Haunted World recently.  It’s a book I’ve always loved, but as it was published in 1995, nearly 20 years ago now, you’d think that it would be somewhat out of […]

What Killed Halloween For Me

It seems that every year, I write a Halloween post, despondent over the current state of the holiday and wishing things were still the way they used to be, back in the day.  This isn’t just a case of “good old dayism”, where people have a convenient and nostalgic memory of the past, there have […]

Reddit: People Need a Clue

I was having a discussion on a Google+ group and people still seem utterly enamored with Reddit and it’s ability to funnel a huge number of hits to your blog.  Sure, if all you care about are raw hits, if driving traffic, just for the sake of having traffic is all you want, then Reddit […]

Sad End of an Era

Happy 4th of July everyone, I hope everyone is having a good time at their BBQs or picnics or whatever it is that you do.  For us, we’re heading off to my mother’s house for a big cook-out and after it gets dark, a fireworks show in the front yard. But this is the last […]

Back to Basics

I’ve come to realize something very important over the last couple of weeks.  I’ve been aware of it peripherally for quite some time, but the more I look at it, the more I turn it over in my head and study it, the more I’m convinced that I’ve been wrong all this time. The real […]

Changes on the Horizon

I think it’s time to shake things up around here, or more properly, re-adjust my strategies and priorities.  For a long time, I’ve just dumped anything I wanted to talk about here, but that makes it hard to talk to a single, specific audience because there are always things I talk about that, let’s be […]

Positive Outcomes in Media

Believe it or not, I’m a die-hard optimist.  I know it might not seem that way to read some of the things I write, but I want people to generally succeed, I want the situation to generally improve and I want people to overcome obstacles and become better people for it.  In fact, that’s one […]

What Movies Should We Watch Next?

My wife and I have been watching a lot of classic television and movies lately, and by classic, I mean old.  Very old.  Black and white old.  I’ve seen most of it, my wife has not so it’s fun to go back and see all the very old series, both television and movies, that I […]

The Secret to Driving Blog Traffic

Since I’ve started paying a little more attention to traffic in the past month or so, I’ve been reading people’s suggestions for driving more traffic to your blog.  There are no end to blog posts out there, especially from people who want to make money from page hits, for getting a lot more people onto […]

Some Random Questions

There are a lot of weird lists of questions floating around online, but this one is different.  See, I’ve avoided giving out too much personal information online and especially here on the blog.  It’s not really about fear of being discovered, I’m an out atheist everywhere, but honestly, it’s that I don’t matter.  I don’t […]

Blogging: Am I Shooting Myself in the Foot?

The more I think about this, the more I want to talk about it.  See, I’ve realized for a while that people who self-identified as conservative atheists, or secular conservatives, or a myriad of other labels, really don’t seem to want to talk about religion.  They are, almost without exception, political bloggers and podcasters.  I […]