Last Word on The Bitchspot Report

I know I’ve been putting this off for a while now and I’ve gotten a couple of e-mails over on the podcast site asking when the show was coming back.  I’m sorry I haven’t answered but I’ve really avoided having to address it because I kept going back and forth on the whole thing and […]

New Year’s Resolution Time

It’s funny, I’d never been one for doing New Year’s Resolutions until two years ago, when I decided to do one, more as a joke than anything else, and I realized that a well-executed resolution, taken seriously, can be actually useful. For 2013, I decided that I’d walk away from the endless nonsense that comes […]

The Post-Holiday Holiday

I recently realized that there was another holiday this year, hidden between Christmas and New Years, that I ought to acknowledge, even though it probably means nothing to anyone but me.  It was 10 years ago today that I posted my first post to the first iteration of the Bitchspot Blog, back on December 26, 2004. […]

I Threw Away My Cable Bill

Actually, I did this a while back but I was recently contacted by DirecTV who has been desperate to get me back since I dropped their service more than 5 years ago to go with Verizon’s FIOS.  That kind of got me thinking about the whole thing and while I was thinking, I came up […]

Facebook is Bugging Me

I hate Facebook, I have never seen a point to it, I’ve never thought it was at all useful, it doesn’t facilitate intelligent conversations and I fought having an account for a long, long, long time.  In fact, for as long as I’ve had an account, plus a page for all of my various and sundry […]

A Question For Bloggers

If you’re not a blogger, this is probably not the post for you because I’m seeking opinions from others who run their own blogs, or at least have good suggestions.  See, way back when I restarted this blog a couple of years ago, I ran a blog that appealed to several different sensibilities.  Of course, […]

How Not to be Stupid: The Blog Edition

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had to ban two people from this blog, the only two people I have *EVER* had to ban from the blog in the nearly 10 year history that I’ve been around.  This happened after they insisted, even after being told not to, on repeatedly attacking another user, bringing […]

My Apologies

Real quick, found out that the Google Analytics plugin, which updated today, totally blows WordPress sites offline.  I didn’t realize this until the site had been offline for several hours until I noticed hardly anyone had been on the site all day!  I deactivated the plugin and things appear to be back to normal.  Sorry […]

All the News That’s Fit to…

I got an e-mail today asking why I don’t usually post about current events and news stories very often on the blog. Certainly, I used to, back in the day, but of late, it’s become a rarer and rarer thing.  I think it’s a fair question and deserves an answer, but I’ll do it here […]

I’m Not Good at Breaks!

Yeah, I know, I’m supposed to be taking a break, enjoying life, not worrying about the blog.  Well too bad!  It’s weird, I originally decided to take a break because I was just burned out on all the things that I wrote over and over and over again, but since I didn’t feel committed to […]

Time for a Break

Like so many of my fellow atheist bloggers, I get really sick of posting the same things over and over and over again.  Let’s face it, religion never changes and we atheists have probably destroyed everything that has been said about religion and everything that is likely to be said about religion, the theists simply […]

Bitchspot’s Book Corner

I’ve read a  ton of books from an atheist and/or rationalist perspective.  In fact, in looking over my bookshelves recently, the number of books I’ve consumed over the years is really kind of astounding, but as time has gone one, I’ve realized that most of the new books that come out today are pretty much […]

Not Predictably Irrational

It’s somewhat rare when I get to sit down and read a book, especially a heavy-duty, intellectual book.  I might manage to muddle through the latest Richard Dawkins tome, usually many months after it comes out, but that’s not a common occurrence.  I did have someone recommend to me that I pick up Predictably Irrational: […]

The Solution to Frustration is Giving Up?

I’ve become increasingly frustrated with stupidity of late, not just in the religious or political realm, but in dealing with people in general.  People are stupid cattle that I’m becoming convinced ought to be run off a cliff for their own good.  I took a look online, just to see what people suggested when you’ve […]

Fine, Educate the White Folk

I came across this quote from Katie McDonough of Salon Magazine on Tumblr earlier today and it struck me as strange, not because it’s anything new, but because, like most similar quotes, I doubt Ms. McDonough has any real clue what she’s talking about.  Therefore, I thought I’d invite liberals who agree with Ms. McDonough’s […]

Fuck the Internet

There’s a lot to like about the Internet, at least the concept of the Internet, but there’s a lot to hate about the way the Internet actually functions and how people actually use it.  Whereas I’d love to think that the Internet can help mankind to embrace diversity, increase knowledge and help bring us together, […]

Republicans, You’re Just Laughable!

I just got off the phone with a guy looking for money for the Republican Party.  He called to ask some questions about the direction of the Republican Party  and where I thought they needed to go.  I told him they needed to focus on the economy as their major direction in the upcoming election […]

Tolerance is Only for the Tolerable

I’ve realized recently that my level of tolerance for stupidity is at an all time low.  There was a time when I’d delve into the most idiotic and asinine apologetics without hesitation and it would be virtually impossible for a theist to make me block them or ignore them, no matter how troll-like they got. […]

Is This Really Blogging?

This really has nothing to do with anything important, just an observation I’ve made over the past couple of days as I’ve run across a bunch of sites that are essentially doing the same thing. These blogs will quote, usually in full, a news story or article and will add virtually none of their own […]

Why Are They Pointing Racist Fingers?

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, after all, this tends to happen any time that the subject of racism is brought up in a discussion, but in a recent forum debate on the distinct disadvantage that poor blacks have in climbing out of the ghettos, I again pointed out that it’s not so much whitey […]

Liberals: Doing it Wrong Again

I really get tired of stupid liberals thinking they can impose their social justice beliefs on people like this.  In British Columbia, Canada, there’s a private Christian college called Trinity Western that is having it’s accreditation for it’s law school withheld because the accreditation agencies are unhappy with the fact that it forbids homosexuality on […]

Spreading the Blogging Word!

Every once in a while, I take a look into blog and/or podcast promotion and am always extremely disappointed by what I find.  I write and podcast because I enjoy it, it’s a hobby and I don’t really measure my success by hits, although to be honest, I do surprisingly well, at least here on […]

Anyone Else as Bored as I Am?

I picked up a couple of books on atheism recently because I wanted something to read and, well, why not?  It’s a wide variety of works by a number of different authors, some I know and some I don’t.  However, I realized as I started to read them that I was really quite bored with […]

Is There a Right to Life?

Regardless of what it says in the Constitution, I don’t think there’s any demonstrable right for people to live and quite a bit of evidence that no such right exists.  As can be expected, this comes from a discussion with a rabid libertarian and their absurd natural rights nonsense. People die.  Where is the right […]