Too Dumb to Debate

I find it funny how much flack I get for saying that debating theists is a waste of time, but time and time again, I find that with the religious, its just pointless to engage in any kind of intellectual religious discussion, they just don’t comprehend the basics and dragging them, kicking and screaming, through […]

Castrate Yourself for Christ!

Now this would normally end up in the Religious Horror Show, but it’s a practice that’s since gone out of style and I try to limit my Sunday stories to things in the recent news.  This just goes to show how utterly insane religious beliefs can be when they take complete and utter leave of […]

33 Better Reasons Not To Be a Feminist Part 2

Welcome to the second part of my refutation of the 33 Reasons to be a Feminist pictorial presentation.  If you’ve read the first part, I’m sure it’s become painfully obvious that these images and their captions are extremely self-serving and make a lot of claims for which there is no corroboratory evidence.  This is very […]

Radical Feminists are like Locusts

The whole feminist side of atheism keeps getting stupider and stupider.  After the debacle at the Women in Skepticism 2 conference, where Ron Lindsay, president and CEO of CFI, the guy who was putting on the conference, got up and said a couple of things at the conference that his group was paying for, that […]

Are These Rad-Fem Women Skeptical?

I try so hard not to follow any of this angsty bullshit, but sometimes, it just appears in your in-box and you have to respond.  Vjack, over at Atheist Revolution, keeps writing about it, mostly, I hope, to bring attention to the utter absurdity of the radical feminist position.  The more I see of it, […]

Running Away With $40 Million

I really, really hate the entitlement culture that we’ve developed in this country.  Nobody owes you a damn thing, but everyone has their hand out like they somehow deserve compensation for bothering to roll out of bed in the morning and the second someone suggests otherwise, their legal brigade runs in to sue the rational […]

Atheism is Not Illogical Part 3

This is my third foray into the crazy repetitious world of the Site Philosopher over on Philosophy Out of the Box and seriously, he’s not getting any better.  Unfortunately, I think this is a clear case of not having a clue what one is talking about and running with it blindly down the field.  That’s […]

Atheism Plus Childish Behavior

Everyone knows how much I hate to talk about this subject, but it’s just gotten to the point where I have to make a post, then I can put it back into the little box of human stupidity where it resides.  I stopped following the drama in the atheist “community” a while back, especially the […]

Is Atheism Illogical? Part 2

A while back, I wrote a review of an article called “Atheism is Illogical“, written on a theist philosophy site called Philosophy Out of the Box.  I pointed out how absurd many of the ideas contained within the article were and, even though I had gotten the idea from a fellow atheist blog, the Athefist, […]

Addicted to God

A couple of months ago, I wrote the story of an acquaintance who was battling alcoholism.  I hadn’t heard from him since he asked me about AA and some non-religious programs, but I finally got an e-mail from him over the weekend with a transcript of an exchange he had with a religious alcoholic that […]

Thank God For Rape!

The father of a 5-year old girl who went missing in New Delhi, India, has been told by police to “thank god that your daughter is alive”.  They also offered him a Rs. 2,000 bribe to keep his mouth shut about the incident.  The little girl was abducted on April 14 and held hostage in […]

Atheist Community… Take a Letter…

Recently, a large number of atheist groups got together and released an open letter to the online secular community, in general, trying to address the continuing debacle caused, in general, by the radical feminists, Atheism+ and other far left liberal groups who think they get to take over atheism to push their agendas.  I’ve spoken […]

What is Accomodationism?

I’ve used the term many, many times on this blog, but was reminded by a post over on Russell Blackfire’s Hellfire Club blog that I had never actually defined it or identified why I opposed it, especially given that I don’t really agree with the definition or use given there.  Russell and many other atheist […]

Bird Fanatics Fear Success

Yes, this is yet another rant about the stupid, hyper-emotional bird fanatics and the fact that they cannot handle the real world.  It’s also once again the rush to vilify anyone who seems to do better than they do.  So this morning, I wake up and there’s a new thread asking how people’s cats and […]

Being Mad Doesn’t Make One Wrong

This is another one of those funny little observations that you make when you’ve been arguing with idiot theists and they all seem to have the same pattern.  I’ve noted in the past the tendency to vilify people that a lot of failed debaters have, where they cannot actually defend their own claims so they […]

Should We Protect Anti-Gay Advocates?

It’s very likely that New Zealand will pass a gay marriage amendment in the very near future and edit out gender-specific wording from their current marriage act, but now the churches are yelling and screaming at  the last moment, not just to stop the amendment from going through, but to protest what they foresee as […]

Pat Robertson Isn’t Getting Any Saner

In a recent episode of the 700 Club, evangelist and all-around lunatic Pat Robertson informs us that not every piece of clothing that comes from a thrift store is possessed by demons. Well thank goodness for that! One listener called in and asked him if she should bless objects she bought at Goodwill before bringing […]

If You’re Not Part of the Solution…

As the old saying goes, if you’re not part of the solution, you are indeed part of the problem.  I’ve pointed out in the past that there are many vocal movements out there whose entire purpose in existing is to garner attention.  If you oppose those movements, engaging them in discussion is working at odds […]

Mine Ears Have Heard the Whining of the Loony Liberals

Just had a relatively unpleasant experience, was having a nice chat on Twitter with someone about illegal immigration and apparently, some loony liberal was watching the other person’s timeline and decided to take over the discussion without asking permission.  I generally don’t mind if people interject their thoughts, that’s sort of what Twitter is for […]