I Know How to Piss Off Collectors

There was a thread on a stamp collecting forum lately where collectors were gushing over the place the Post Office had in American history and how we all ought to be thankful for the job that they’re still doing.  It all started with a graphic put up by the Post Office, bragging about all the […]

We Don’t Owe You Jack

This happens all the time and frankly I’m sick of it.  Today, on a stamp forum, someone popped up and demanded to know how much he could sell a stamp collection that his grandfather left him.  All he wanted was a value.  He didn’t want to go research it, he wanted everyone on the forum […]

Where to go next?

I guess I’m an anachronism in a lot of ways, especially in my collecting habits.  Everywhere I go, I’m the odd man out. In action figure collecting, I don’t open my figures, I don’t pose them all over the house, I don’t display them or hang them on the wall like trophies, I collect, I […]

Freaking Out the Stamp World

I just love watching people freak out over nothing.  In a recent story, Sweden announced that it’s going to stop producing stamps.  Immediately, the stamp collecting world donned sack cloth and is lamenting the end of the world.  Oh no!  The whole world is going to stop making stamps and we’ll all have nothing to […]

Ah, Those Wonderful Kitties

Thought I’d be 100% positive for a bit.  Don’t faint.  As you know, I collect stamps and one of the things I collect are cheetahs on stamp.  It’s called a topical, which makes sense, it’s collecting a particular topic on a stamp instead of a particular country.  Lots of people collect cats or dogs (I […]