End of an Era?

I’ve been collecting action figures for decades, in fact, for as long as I can remember.  I’ve never been a fanatic about anything I collect, I get what I like, I keep it pristine and I put it away.  I did that when I was 10, I do it today in my 40s.  There just […]

What A Good Idea!

Saw this floating around some of the toy forums and blogs and though it was a really good idea.  I ought to make some of these up!  It might convince some of the local retailers to actually put some product on the shelves instead of leaving the pegs bare. Nah, that might mean they’d make […]

Collectors Getting Butthurt

It really bothers me that when people start asking the “hard questions”, so many people freak out.  As most know, we’ve been having a discussion over on an action figure forum regarding how collectors act and what makes one a collector.  I think I’ve made some very good points and I’ve had a lot of […]

Collector or Accumulator

I know it’s a matter of definition, but I consider myself a collector of various things.  I’ve collected a lot of different things over the years, starting with stamps when I was much younger, moving to action figures, gashapon, comic books, regular books, DVDs, coins, etc. over the years.  I even got involved with collecting […]

Not An Issue Of Money

Over on an action figure forum, people were complaining about the new price increase at Target for the Justice League Unlimited 3-packs from $15.99 to $19.99, just as Target announced that they were not picking up any more JLU merchandise, effectively killing the line months before it’s scheduled end.  Lots of people were upset, understandably […]