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Because I’m doing a lot of video work now, here’s a list of links to videos and playlists I’ve done on my YouTube channel.  I will continue to update this list, probably about as regularly as I do the Religious Horror Show, meaning every now and then. If you have any ideas for other videos for me to take on, send it my way by e-mailing me here.

You can access the entire YouTube channel here.

And Now The News

Victim of Sharia Law – Alan West thought he had found an example of Sharia Law at Wal-Mart, but not only was he wrong, he didn’t have the guts to admit it, he just turned it into a screed for Christian discrimination.

Cards Against Social Justice – Social Justice Warriors just don’t get the concept of having fun, they are fundamentally unable to leave their ideology behind, even when the people they are supposedly trying to protect just don’t need their protection.

Gay Marriage Dogs & Cats Living Together, Mass Hysteria! – I always feel a little bad picking on Pat Robertson, he’s the crazy uncle nobody talks about, but this time, I had to take a look at his bizarre beliefs concerning the recent gay marriage decision as he talks about abortion, polygamy, incest and bestiality.

Kim Davis and Christian Persecution – Kim Davis is in all of the news, but I don’t think people are looking at it quite right. This isn’t a case of religious discrimination or Christian persecution, it’s one person who isn’t trying to excuse herself from issuing gay marriage licenses, it’s one person trying desperately to deny people their legal rights to equality.

Assessing Apologist Arguments

Rebutting the Absolute Best Way to Talk to an Atheist – Dr. Taylor Marshall thinks he knows how to talk to atheists while revealing that he neither understands atheism, nor logic or reason.

Disproof that Islam is from God – Proof that some Muslims have no access to Google as this one makes claims that are entirely untrue and easily disprovable, yet he doesn’t care because Allah is on his side.

Catholics Make Mistakes – Dr. Marshall returns, this time trying to tell budding Catholic apologists how to avoid problems while engaging in every single one of those apologetic problems himself.

INTJ Doesn’t Understand Atheism – An irrational brain dump by a theist that makes you wonder what he’s been smoking because he sure doesn’t have a clue what he’s saying.

Atheist Reverts to Islam – A requested video, a supposed atheist becomes a Muslim but this really shows why such claims are entirely unimpressive.

Refuting Fr. Barron on Atheism & Philosophy – Father Robert Barron has some weird ideas about both science and philosophy, watch him go off the rails.

No Evidence for an Unprovable God – Sometimes you think that a theist is almost at the point of realizing how stupid religion is.  Almost.  Then they go right down the religious rabbit hole again.

Answering Tina’s Questions – Sometimes a video is so ignorant, you just have to pick it apart piece by piece and point out all of the fallacies and errors and absurdities. This is one such video as I take on an apologist named Tina who doesn’t seem to understand how one asks questions.

No Evidence for God – 4 Big Wrongs – After being asked to look at something from Prager University, I came across this gem that displays the irrationality of the Christian position, based on ignorance and wishful thinking. Is there any other kind of Christian apologist?

Logic Doesn’t Prove the Existence of God – Why do so many Christian apologists entirely fail to understand the nature of logic, reason and critical thinking?  Why is it so absurdly easy to poke holes in their passionately held claims?  And why don’t they learn when everyone and their brother tells them how ridiculous their ideas are?  Blind faith, of course!

Science Doesn’t Indicate God Either – In part 2 of my take on Robert Knopf’s Creation Science Network videos, this time he claims that science proves God but he neither understands science, nor proof, nor evidence, nor much of anything else. It’s going to be another long, bumpy ride of irrationality folks.

The Bible Doesn’t Prove God Either – When last we visited with Robert Knopf, he had totally failed to explain how logic or science proved the existence of God but now we turn to the Bible.  Surely, he can’t be as ignorant about the Bible as he is about everything else, can he?  Can he?

How Not to Argue with an Atheist Quick Tip #1 – Catholic apologist Scott M. Sullivan tries to give quick tips for arguing with atheists while showing he has no clue what atheists are. This time, he advocates running away screaming from anyone smarter than he is.

How Not to Argue With an Atheist Quick Tip #2 – Apologist Scott M. Sullivan is back with another quick tip on how to argue with an atheist, where he makes a good suggestion but we all know he doesn’t mean it because if he did, it would mean the end to religious adherence.  Maybe that’s why Sullivan has his comments turned off, he’s terrified someone will point out his ridiculous failings.

How Not to Argue With an Atheist Quick Tip #3 and #4 – Here’s a two-fer, two Quick Tips from Scott M. Sullivan that prove, once again, that he has no clue how to argue with atheists or pretty much anyone else.  This time, he takes on “scientism” and “bad definitions for faith”.

How Not to Argue With an Atheist – Quick Tip #5 & #6 – Here we go again!  Scott M. Sullivan has clearly never met an atheist, or at least has never successfully argued with one as he brings us two more quick tips that anyone with a clue will shake their head at .

How Not to Argue With an Atheist Quick Tip #7 #8 & #9 – In what may be my last look at Scott M. Sullivan’s really bad methods for arguing with atheists, we look at two really horrible ideas and one that’s not half bad.

There is no God – Russell Brand is an Idiot – Russell Brand is a drugged out moron.  In this video, he claims Stephen Fry has proven the existence of God and then sets out to prove that he has no idea what the heck he’s talking about.  Drugs are bad, m’kay?

Is God Real?  No Proof Once Again! – In a strange video from Ravi Zacharias Ministries, you get a bunch of apologists who openly admit they have no proof for God, yet make a bunch of excuses for why it shouldn’t matter.

Beware the Sodomite Demons! – Pastor James Manning tells women how they can catch the “sodomite demon” by having sex with a man who injects the “cream of the blood”.   Yes, it’s as crazy as it sounds.

Peter Hitchens Thinks God Exists – Sometimes, all the brains goes to one brother as we see Peter Hitchens, brother of Christopher, go on a bizarre rant about the existence of God. Apparently, wanting reality to change actually changes reality.

Religious Stupidity EXPOSED! – Thanks to Jim Doug for sending in this guy’s channel, Simple Servant is a playground for skeptics to point out bad logic, ridiculous claims and empty Bible quoting. This time out, I look at “Internet Atheists EXPOSED!” and find the only thing he’s exposing is his own ignorance.

6 Minutes and I’m Not Convinced – When science meets religion, especially when scientists try to use their science to show that religion is real, everything goes sideways and we find that when you think science supports your religion, you’re doing science wrong.

Religious Lame Excuses EXPOSED! – Taking on Simple Servant’s second video in his “Atheism EXPOSED” series and while visually this is much more interesting than his first, it still has no more intelligence behind it.

Atheists Have Questions, Creationists Have No Answers – A creationist desperately wants atheists to go visit Kent Hovind’s YouTube channel for answers, but really doesn’t want to answer any questions himself. This is why nobody takes anything Hovind says seriously and why creationism really is a joke.

Is God Real? – Just what is it with Catholics and their piss-poor apologetic videos? I mean, my cat could do a better job! Here’s a short look at a video by Christopher Stefanick called “God is Real” in which he completely and totally fails to make his case.

Father Barron and the Argument from Ignorance – Had this one suggested to me so we revisit Fr. Robert Barron as he talks about Thomas Aquinas and the Argument from Motion, but instead only reveals why these supposed philosophical arguments fail miserably for anyone without a religious agenda.

God and Evil – For many, the Problem of Evil does a good job debunking the idea of a god, but for a lot of religious apologists, they don’t even understand the question. This time, I look at an Australian apologist who can’t understand why the existence of evil makes her god look ridiculous.

5 Questions for Atheists – I like answering questions, here are five very simple questions from a theist named Justin that I had to answer, just because he was so nice about it.

I’m Not All Atheists, But Here Are My Answers – Some religious videos are just so ridiculous, they clearly don’t know what they’re talking about, be it atheism, religion, Christianity, evolution, prophecy, miracles, you name it, this guy has no clue what it is. But he’s only too happy to challenge atheists!

The Immoral Argument Against God – Ravi Zacharias Ministries has a long playlist of various arguments for the existence of God that I want to work through. I’m starting with the “moral argument for God” which is entirely unimpressive on every level and shows that these people have no clue what morality actually is. No surprise there.

Foundation Series

What is Atheism? – How do I define atheism?  Here’s my answer.

What is Conservatism? – I give my definition for conservatism in this short video.

Labels, Labels Everywhere and No One Stops to Think – People use labels incorrectly, here I explain what labels are and why they’re used poorly.

No Such Thing as an Atheist Community – A controversial video explaining why an atheist community is neither necessary or worthwhile.

Feminists & MRAs – Why I’m not a feminist or an MRA and really have no respect for either.

Some People Just Don’t Get Evidence – The religious simply do not understand what is asked of them when they make their empty proclamations about their religion. Every religion is guilty, even some non-religions, but the fact remains that just making claims without evidence is simply not impressive to those who fall outside of their blind faith.

How Do You Know What You Claim To Know About God? – Theists claim they “know” all about their gods, but how do they actually know? How did they discover this information and test it and find it to be rationally valid? And if they didn’t do any of these things, how can they possibly claim knowledge?


Not Quite Slut Shaming – Answering a high school girl who doesn’t seem to understand responsibility.

Why Don’t You Respond? – I’m seeing a lot of comments that I simply cannot respond to because the commenter’s Google+ settings are incorrect.  Here’s a quick tutorial how to fix it.  I’m not ignoring you, I just can’t respond until you fix it!

Pondering Politics

Libertarianism: the Most Credulous Religion – I was asked to look at a video on anti-statism and libertarianism and this is a great video for understanding just what’s wrong with the libertarians.

The Political Compass Part 1 – Part 1 of my 3 part look at the Political Compass test.

The Political Compass Part 2 – Part 2 of my 3 part look at the Political Compass test.

The Political Compass Part 2 – Part 3 of my 3 part look at the Political Compass test.

Can an Atheist be a Conservative? – Bill Whittle and Andrew Klaven think you can’t be an atheist and have your conservative worldview make sense.  I find that it’s exactly the other way around.

Which Political Candidate Do I Side With? – After going through my look at the Political Compass, I decided to check out this new quiz that supposedly will tell me which political candidate in the upcoming 2016 Presidential race I side with.  Is it accurate?  Watch and see.

VoteMatch – One more political quiz that produces some surprising results, showing that there aren’t any actual conservative candidates out there, something that I guess I can’t be too surprised at.

Should You Beat George Up? – Suggested by Jesse Thomas, this is a libertarian piece that ignores a great deal about reality and badly confuses the situations. As so many libertarians do, they are more enamored with how they wish the world was, they forget that the world really isn’t that way.

The Wishful Thinking of the Libertarian – After being asked to look at Libertarian and Property Rights from First Principles, I put in my longest-ever video, at least in this channel, refuting the ideas that libertarians hold dear. Of course, libertarians won’t admit it, they’ll go back to proclaiming unsupported ideas and demanding blind faith, just like the religious do.

Gimme That Old Time Libertarian Religion! – I keep getting that outrage from libertarians that I keep calling their political ideology a religion.  Here’s why.  It’s not that hard to understand, it ought to be simple to fix, but they have no interest in doing so, only blind faith.

Social Justice Whiners

Poor Feminist Lessons for my Son – A TEDx talk that shows exactly why I don’t respect TEDx talks, a feminist explains why she wants to turn her son into a backstop for women.

Why Feminists Can’t Be Colorblind – A feminist says the world ought to be colorblind, then spends the rest of the video paying tons of attention to everyone’s race at every turn.

Turning Rhetoric – A feminist thinks that MRAs just want to turn the tables on feminists when the reality is, they just want to turn the tables on everyone else.

5 Laughable Facts About Feminism – A feminist presents 5 “myths” about feminism, but we find that they’re not really myths after all.

Feminism According to Lizzie – A young feminist swallows the radfem mythology hook, line and sinker, but I try to set her straight.

Your Vagina Isn’t a Clown Car – Australian Clementine Ford wants to talk about rape culture. A lot. In fact, it seems to be all she ever talks about. But she’s just wrong about so much of it, it makes her painful to listen to. So let’s just debunk all of that, shall we?

24 Answers to 24 Questions  – I’ll get called a racist for this one for sure, but Buzzfeed (ugh) posted a video of 24 supposed questions that black people have for white people, but most of them are just stupid questions, obviously scripted by someone without an ounce of common sense.

Trapped in the Shallow End of the Gene Pool

No They Didn’t! – An Indian feminist has lost her dictionary and goes off on a short rant about being raped all over the place.

Libertarians and Natural Rights Refuted – I respond to an older video on libertarians and natural rights from someone who thinks they’re Napoleon.  Well, probably not.  However, this exposes a serious problem in modern philosophy where it’s little more than asserting your axioms and pretending that makes them true.

Run! It’s the Illuminati! – You’ve got your religious kooks.  You’ve got your conspiracy theorists. You’ve got your socialists.  Then you’ve got all three!  Satan is causing the Illuminati to cause evil corporations to perform anti-caring rituals so they replace workers with machines!

Pastor Steven Anderson – You Go to Hell and You Die! – For a religion of peace and love, there are a lot of Christian pastors who are full of hatred. This is one such time, where Pastor Steven Anderson comes out against Caitlyn Jenner and transgendered people and I suspect he’s really turned on by the whole thing.

Off Your Rocker For Christ – It’s hard to tell the difference between a skilled Poe and a real religious wingnut, but when you combine irrational religion and what seems a little too much to drink, you get this, another crazy Christian going too far for the cause.

God’s Wrath is Coming – Not long ago, Christian author Jonathan Cahn got on the 700 Club with Pat Robertson and started spouting a bunch of nonsense about the end of the world and God’s wrath because there were a couple of interestingly marked cows born.  Yes, cows.  Cue the Looney Tunes music.

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