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Bitchspot has a long, varied history, although you might not recognize that looking at it today.  It’s gone through a lot of changes and neglect and intense spurts of activity.  Originally, I put this site up in 2004 as a place where I could bitch about the irrationality and stupidity in the world around me, hence the name.  For the first year or so, it was almost entirely focused on the ridiculous foibles of religion, but as you can imagine, writing about the same thing day after day becomes boring so I soon expanded it to politics as well.

The site was popular, back in the early days of budding online atheism, I was getting 2500-3000 hits a day, which is hardly earthshattering by today’s standards, but I was happy.  However, it wasn’t long until I got bored with the whole thing.  After all, anyone who has regularly debated theists knows that there’s not much payoff in such an endeavor and it becomes more frustrating than rewarding.  Plus the fact that, as I got tired of posting nothing but political and religious criticism, I started to add in hobbies and other fluff pieces.  Readership suffered, mostly I think because I was posting articles in three, different and often mutually exclusive categories.  There just wasn’t enough material in any of the three arenas to satisfy each of my groups of potential followers.

So I split the site into three different sites, part of a family of blogs that put religion, politics and fannish, hobbyish stuff into three separate areas, but I fear the damage had already been done, a lot of people who had visited for one specific topic had been scared off by the mish-mash that Bitchspot had become.  Readership fell to a few hundred a day, spread out over three sites and, to be honest, it became more of a pain to produce enough content for three sites than it had been to simply write for one.  Add to that the fact that I was just getting tired of the whole thing and, when disaster struck, I called it a day.

Disaster, you might ask?  The hosting company we were using suffered a catastrophic attack that rendered the site hopelessly infected by viruses.  No matter what we did, we couldn’t repair the WordPress installations on the multiple sites that we were running, each time we’d get a clean install running, it would be infected and we’d be back to square one.  Worse, we found that the backups that we had been doing for the sites were hopelessly corrupt, we couldn’t load a single backup done in the 6 months prior to the crash.  As it became obvious that it was a disaster, we moved hosting companies, back to something in the U.S., and restarted the site fresh.

Bitchspot didn’t reappear immediately though.  I was through.  I was frustrated.  I was tired.  I had little time to spend on a blog, I was working long hours and hardly had time to sit down in front of a computer, much less compose anything intelligent on a regular basis.  So I said enough was enough and decided not to go back.  It did nag at me though, I don’t like to give up and honestly, I did need a place where I could, as Bitchspot was originally intended, go bitch about stuff.  After 4-5 months, I reinstalled a rudimentary WordPress installation and relaunched the site, this time with the understanding that I was going to do it for myself, as I wanted to do it, and if anyone wanted to read it fine, if not, that was fine too.  In the past year or so that it’s been back, I’ve maintained that philosophy.  I don’t pay any attention to readership.  If nobody comes here, fine.  I don’t advertise the site.  I do nothing with social media, I ignore Twitter, I avoid Facebook, I just don’t care.  Bitchspot is my personal place to post about what I want to talk about.  If someone wants to share it, great.  Mostly, people don’t.  That’s fine by me.

To those who do want to share my interests and passions with me, welcome.  Glad to have you aboard.  To those who don’t, that’s fine too.  I wish you the best of luck in finding a place that you enjoy.  Either way, I’m here to enjoy myself, to post about what I like, to complain about the things that piss me off and generally bitch about the world in general.  Sometimes, I might post a lot.  Sometimes, hardly at all.  It just depends on how things are going that week.  In either case, please let me know if something I say sparks your interest or pisses you off or whatever.  After all, that’s how conversations start.

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