Horror Show Sunday: Those That Talk the Loudest…

Why are the religious such assholes?  Because that seems to be a trend that I’ve noticed and I’m certainly not alone. It’s funny how so many of the hyper-religious who scream about the evils of homosexuality wind up in a bathroom somewhere with some guy’s dick in their mouth.  Well, as should be no surprise, here we go again.

Pastor Ken Adkins, a Georgia church leader who was very vocal in criticizing the patronage of the Pulse night club where 49 clubgoers died and 53 others were wounded in an attack by Omar Mateen, turns out to have been a child molester.  “I don’t see none of them as victims,” Adkins tweeted. “I see them as getting what they deserve!”  I wonder if he thinks the boy he molested got what he deserved too?

In fact, Adkins had molested both a boy and a girl at multiple locations back in 2010.  He was convicted of 8 counts of child molestation and never showed a moment’s remorse.  The boy, now 22 and a specialist in the Army, claims that Adkins, who had legal control over his financial affairs, stole all of his money at the time of the incident.  The girl denies that anything illegal happened, which has led experts to find her legally incompetent.  “She’s in his clutches,” said Katie Gropper, the assistant district attorney who tried the case.  “What he has done to that girl is not only criminal, it is deplorable.”

Of course, this kind of thing isn’t at all uncommon, where the abused will deny abuse because they are afraid to impugn the good name of their pastor.  It’s one of my biggest problems with the totally uncalled for respect that is automatically given to the clergy, that people can be taken advantage of and still deny it because they’re terrified that their pastor has an “in” with some imaginary man in the sky.  But watching how religion harms the innocent is a common theme on Horror Show Sunday, isn’t it?  Religion harms no one?  That’s simply and demonstrably untrue.

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