Making Atheism Illegal

There’s often a lot of whining from the atheist “community” about those few states in America where, by “law”, atheists cannot hold public office.  Never mind that these laws have all been overturned by the Supreme Court and hold absolutely no legal weight, nor can they be enforced in any way, shape or form.  The fact that they exist at all is a travesty.  Yet much, much worse can happen, and may happen, in Egypt.

Because Egypt is considering making atheism outright illegal, it would be against the law to not believe in some kind of god.  “The phenomenon [of atheism] is being promoted in society as freedom of belief when this is totally wrong,” said Amro Hamroush, head of Egypt’s Parliament’s committee on religion and promoter of the bill.  “[Atheism] must be criminalized and categorized as contempt of religion because atheists have no doctrine and try to insult the Abrahamic religions.”

Well hate to say it, but the Abrahamic religions have earned every insult and all the derision they receive. The Abrahamic religions are evil.  The Egyptian Committee on Religion is researching how such a law could be implemented, considering there’s no way to determine if someone is an atheist if they don’t openly talk about it.

Now Egypt has had blasphemy laws since 1982, which seek to “promote, through speech, writing, or any other medium, extremist ideas with the aim of spreading discord” or if they “belittle or disdain one of the monotheistic religions or their different sects, or to harm national unity.”  Now I’m sure Islamic sects are immune to this law because promoting extremist ideas with the aim of spreading discord is pretty much the definition of a lot of radical Islamic sects.  But nah, it just doesn’t apply to them, does it?

So far, no countries out and out ban atheism, although 13 countries do make it a crime to blaspheme against religion, those countries being Afghanistan, Iran, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.  Surprise, surprise, they are all Islamic countries.  Islam, as is no surprise, is outright evil.

So what do you think?  Certainly, except for Egyptian atheists, none of us will be directly impacted, but is this something that should be accepted?  Or is this something that needs to be fought with every tool at our disposal?  I pick the latter.  Thought-crime cannot be permitted.

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