Horror Show Sunday: Gay Death Penalty

Haven’t done any Jewish horrors for a while, although there is certainly no shortage of them.  So here goes.  In Israel, the Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar told a newspaper that homosexuality was a “cult of abomination” which the Torah punishes “with death”.  Now you’d expect that coming from the Muslims, but from the Jews?  Say no way!

But of course it does because this primitive religion is every bit as bloodthirsty and violent as all of the other primitive religions.  That’s what happens when you take these ancient books of bronze age mythology seriously.

It isn’t like this guy hasn’t been caught spreading the same kind of anti-gay sentiment before.  Last year he claimed that most people were “disgusted” by homosexuality and called Jerusalem’s annual gay pride parade “an embarrassing phenomenon”.

Not surprisingly, plenty of people were upset by Amar’s words, demanding he be fired from his position as official chief rabbi.  Pro-gay activists have been the most vocal, saying “This is not an anti-religious issue… I do have an interest to protect my rights and your rights to live, and [to live with] dignity,” according to Shirley Kleinman, who accuses Amar of incitement to violence.

Now sure, it does say that in the Torah but it’s one thing to note what exists in an ancient book of mythology and another to suggest that it has any bearing whatsoever today.  But the religious aren’t politically correct, any more than they’re factually correct.  They follow along with this absurd bronze age nonsense whether it’s currently acceptable or not.  And this guy, as an official of the Israeli state, ought to know better.  But when your religion gets undue official political support, you don’t have to care about anyone outside of your faith.  Kind of sad, isn’t it?

The more people take this ancient horse excrement seriously, the more likely it is that someone might act on it, as happened in 2015 when an Orthodox Jew murdered a participant at the Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade, following the Torah’s prescriptions against homosexuality.  I reported on it on Horror Show Sunday a while back.  Would I be surprised if the same thing happened again?  Not as long as the religious leadership keeps pushing this kind of ridiculous hate-mongering out into the modern world.

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