Don’t Judge Anyone?

I hear this all the time, especially from the political left and I think it’s the biggest load of BS ever.  Don’t judge!  Don’t judge!  Bite me.

Everyone judges.  If you don’t, you’re a gullible fool.  But unfortunately, there are a lot of really gullible fools out there.  This is just a means to avoid responsibility, to avoid having standards, to avoid picking the high road because you’re terrified to hurt someone’s feelings.

Well boo f’ing hoo.  It’s all a bunch of hippy dippy feel-good horse excrement.  Everyone judges.  In fact, as a society, we have to.  It’s the only way for society to not only survive but thrive.  It’s why we have laws, because we have decided that some acts are acceptable and some are not.  The idea that we shouldn’t judge is just absurd.

It’s even worse when you get those self-same liberal lunatics who tell everyone else not to judge, but then go around judging the hell out of everyone else.  But their judging isn’t based on common sense, it isn’t based on logic and reason and what’s demonstrably best for society, their judging is all about feelings.  It’s all about emotions. It doesn’t matter if anything they’re judging on makes rational sense, only if it makes them happy and then they carry around the “don’t judge” flag, poking everyone else for being judgemental pricks.  Yeah, because we can’t see the blatant hypocrisy of the political left.

Now granted, there are plenty on the right who are every bit as absurd and those tend to be the religious who, again, operate on nothing but emotion and hypocrisy.  Is it any wonder why I see more similarities between the religious and the liberal than differences these days?

So what do you think?  Is it okay to judge?  Is it mandatory that we judge?  Let me know in the comments.  I’m just getting sick and tired of people telling me not to judge when not only is it not a bad thing, but they’re doing it every bit or moreso than I do. These people have problems but they’re completely blinded to them.  It’s what happens when you value feels over reals and that, regardless of the side of the aisle you’re on, is an irrational, stupid thing to do.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Judge Anyone?”

  1. I agree. We all judge and for good reason. Our judgement can help us keep those who want to do us harm out of our lives and the lives of those we care about. Our judgement can help our lives in a variety of ways. I have found in every single case of anyone saying they don't judge that they do simply by asking questions about how they treat or avoid whomever they claim not to judge.

    Love your site.

    1. Thanks. I agree though, judging is how humans and human societies operate. What these people really mean is "don't judge on criteria we don't like". Well too bad for you. We can judge any way we wish.

  2. The phrase don’t judge is not intended for you not to pay attention to those around you. Please do the phrase is intended for diffrent social classes and the diverse areas at the world. For example a man whom makes 6 figures a year crosses paths with a man whom works hard but can barley make 20000 a year and has a family to feed. The well groomed richer man will immediately assume the man barley making it buy is either lazy and on drugs or a felon. Or you sit in a room with a chinaman a irishman and a littreal african man from south africa one man stands and leaves the room because one is a savage. One is a drunkard and one is a money hungry man. When in fact the savage is a decorated chief who recieved a education from stanford to take that education to help his tribe. The other one is actually a lawyer for the the queens court and the other is a realestate agent born in the USA but his mother is a native from china rescued from a slave trade operation. And the man who walked out decided that they were beneath him. People choose to see what they want. Not what is right in front of them. The phrase is do not judge means in the first 10 minutes you can not possibly know or understand another human being until you have spent enough time with that person to know. This excludes the oviouse signs of crazy and creepy persons who do live in the world. But this is a problem when a single minded cocasion sees a black man or woman they automatically jump to they are a gangster or a criminal. This is the phrases intent to look further than a persons color, ethnicity, social status, and heritage. This breeds hate in the world. Do not stop judging on a persons actions. Do not stop judging when you see an anxious person who has no reaso. To be. And its deeper than people think it is. And if wars are to stop understanding and acceptance need to be more and single minded and judgment should be less. Not saying terrisiom should be excepted. But just because you see a turban does not make that person a terriost does not even make them muslim. hindu men also wear turbans

    1. Maybe the guy making 20,000 shouldn't have a family. He hasn't earned that right. But that's not something that a lot of people want to deal with, they think that you can do whatever you want to do and figure out how to pay for it later. That's just not the way reality works though and certainly not how responsibility works. If you're barely making minimum wage, you need to improve yourself, you need to earn the right to have children before you actually do it. You need to be able to pay for their care. It isn't the job of the taxpayer to fund your offspring. It is your job. But that's socially unacceptable for a lot of people. Too bad, so sad, people need to learn personal responsibility and think before they act. Otherwise, our society will destroy itself, and with it the people who inhabit it.

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