Horror Show Sunday: Orgies in the Rectory

We might as well finish out the year with some good old fashioned Catholic sex scandal, this time in Italy.  Catholic priest Father Andrea Contin, a priest in the northern city of Padua in Veneto, is being investigated by the police under suspicion for living off immoral earnings and psychological violence.

Contin’s church was found to contain numerous sex toys and videos showing sex orgies taking place on San Lazzaro church premises.  It was searched after three female parishioners complained.  Also found in Contin’s personal quarters were videos of explicit pornography, each bearing the name of former popes.  At least he has a sense of humor.

Complaints about Contin’s antics were reported to the local bishop, but as should be a surprise to no one, the church did nothing, saying they were investigating on their own.  The Catholic Church is well known for covering up problems within their ranks and I doubt that this would ever have made it to authorities.  One woman who complained, a 49-year old volunteer, said she and Contin had sex in the rectory and didn’t understand why he always had so many women hanging around him.  Others have claimed that Contin arranged sex parties and farmed former lovers out in partner swaps.

But honestly, what can you expect from the Catholic Church, an organization that has, at last count, spent more than $5 billion dollars paying off victims of priestly sexual abuse.  They haven’t even admitted they have a problem and the cases don’t seem to be slowing down and certainly not stopping.  But when you’ve got priests holding out-and-out orgies in their rectories, something tells me that they have bigger problems than we probably realize.  And that’s why Horror Show Sunday will continue. There’s no end in sight of terrible stories that could not have happened without religion.  This one for instance couldn’t have become the massive international story that it did without the Catholic Church trying to bury it.  It couldn’t happen if people didn’t put such trust in their religious beliefs and in the religious institutions that push it.  And that’s why the Religious Horror Show will never go away, because so long as religion gets special privileges and virtually no close examination, it will be an abuse magnet that we’ve all come to detest.  Religion is mind poison.  Expect another year of the same.

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