Horror Show Sunday: Selling Babies

As long as we’re talking about religious child abuse, let’s take a look at this story, where a pastor in Lagos, Africa, has been arrested for selling more than 64 babies out of his church.

Peace Udoh, pastor of the Divine Yard Deliverance Ministry in Iyana Iyesi, Ota, Ogun State, was arrested for running a baby factory out of her church.  The 47-year old Udoh was arrested, along with Angela Akpan and a nurse, Mrs. Bukola Ajala, who reportedly assisted in childbirth at Udoh’s church.  Young pregnant girls are convinced to give up their babies to the church, which then locates and sells them to prospective parents.

Of course, they don’t tell them what they’re doing.  17-year-old Goodnews Akpan, sister of one of those arrested in the scam, said she was not told that they were going to sell her baby.  As should be no surprise, Udoh denies the allegations, saying “Whenever I have a complicated case, I refer the patient to the nurse and we share the money she collects for the service. Angela brought her sister to me in July. She gave birth on November 16 at the nurse’s clinic and she was discharged. I was surprised when the police came to arrest me yesterday.”

Surprised?  How so?  This kind of thing is blatantly illegal and absurdly immoral pretty much everywhere on the planet. How the religious can pretend to be morally upstanding and still pull anything like this is beyond me.  Certainly thought, it’s no surprise for Horror Show Sunday, where the most religious people do the most outrageous, immoral and unbelievable things and they’re usually completely baffled why anyone has a problem with it.  Well duh!  You are selling human beings for money in the guise of religion!  It can’t be that hard to understand and for most of us, it isn’t.  Only for the clueless and gullible and totally deluded.  That describes the religious.

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