Horror Show Sunday: Child Rape Divorce

I will never get the audacity of these religious criminals who don’t seem to even care if they are breaking the law.  In Pennsylvania, a youth pastor, Wesley Ryan Blackburn, who worked at Faith Brethren Bible Church in New Paris, was charged with 84 felony counts of statutory sexual assault, 84 misdemeanor counts of indecent assault and one felony count of corruption of minors.  He had raped and impregnated a teenage girl he met at church, as though that’s any surprise.  And you wonder why I don’t recommend people leave their innocent children with the religious.

But anyhow, after his wife confronted him for the crimes, he turns around and demands a divorce!  He says he no longer loves his wife, the mother of his 5 children.  I don’t know if he’s supposed to be in love with the teenage girl or what,  but that’s just adding insult to injury.  Not like he has to worry about divorce  because he’s going to be spending quite a while in prison.  And he doesn’t even seem to think that what he did was wrong.  When the church confronted him and terminated him, he refused to even talk to them.

“We didn’t even care what he had to say,” pastor James Espenshade. “We don’t tolerate this kind of stuff — it’s inappropriate, it’s reprehensible. There was never a discussion of anything else. We had to do what was right.”  There seems to be no shame in Blackburn, who was calmly packing his things when the police arrived.  He said he had been attracted to the girl since she was 13 and joined the church in 2009.  He freely admitted to having sex with and impregnating the girl.

He’s been arrested and held on $200,000 bail, but his wife refused to sign the divorce papers.  What an idiot.  But I guess religion even poisons people’s common sense.  That’s why we find these things so often on Horror Show Sunday.

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