When Marketing Becomes Harassing

You know, there’s a difference between marketing and being obnoxious and we’re currently trying to stop the latter.  Years ago, we bought a new car at what was, at the time, a local dealership and it was a great experience.  Fantastic.  Couldn’t complain.  But thereafter, they have been after us, not only to buy another car, but to sell back the car we had.  This has gone on for years.

Now it hasn’t been a big deal most of the time.  Once in a while, we’ll get a call, or we’ll get an e-mail or, more recently, a text inviting us to come back and get a new car. And we always tell them no, we tell them we’re not interested and leave it at that.  But since we moved, all of it is completely pointless because even if we were going to go buy a new car, that dealership is not where we’d go because they’re 80 miles away from our house now.  We’d go to a much closer dealership and we’ve told them that.

But they don’t listen.  After our mail forwarding ended, they got our new address, which clearly is nowhere near them, and they kept mailing us stuff.  They kept e-mailing.  And they kept texting.  Today, I got a text inviting us to come in for a test drive.  I texted back “Fuck off”.  Finally, I’d had enough so I called them and demanded to be taken off their marketing list and had to go through a long rigamarole because apparently, all of their marketing is handled by different companies.  Some handle mail.  Some handle phone calls.  Some handle texts and e-mails.  It took a while to get off all of their lists, and you know something? That really good experience I had with them has now become a really bad one.  Not only would I never go back there to buy a car again, I wouldn’t tell anyone I knew to go there.

And it’s strange that another car I bought about the same time from another dealership, a dealership from the same company mind you, hasn’t been obnoxious.  At best, we get an e-mail once a year.  Maybe.  Never had a phone call, never had a text and I can’t remember having any mailings after the first year or two.  They’ve left us alone.  We know where they are if we want another car, which clearly we wouldn’t because they’re even farther away, but I still have good feelings about that dealership.  Not so much with this other one.

I honestly don’t get how so many companies are so clueless when it comes to their aggressive marketing.  Don’t they know that they’re just driving people away?  I don’t need to be reminded where I bought a car, I’ll come back or I won’t based on that experience, not on your constant harping and incessant badgering to get me to come back.  You’ll just piss me off, which is exactly what they did.

So have you had any experiences like this, companies that have bugged you so much that you eventually told them where to stuff it?  Let me know in the comments.

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