Horror Show Sunday: Biblical Counseling

So long as we’re talking about church and sexual assault, I would be remiss from pointing out yet another example where sexual assault happens, everyone in a church knows it happens, yet it goes unreported to the police, even by the parents.

In Thornton, Colorado, assistant pastor Robert “Bob” Wyatt, pastor at the Agape Bible Church, was having an illegal sexual relationship with a 12 year old girl.  Now that’s bad enough on it’s own, but as long time readers of Horror Show Sunday know, it’s nothing at all uncommon.

But what is more shocking is that both the church and the parents knew it was happening and they all agreed not to go to the authorities for fear of what would happen to the pastor.  “Ultimately, Darrell [the head pastor] and [the girl’s parents] agreed to not report the sexual assault to the police or social services because they were concerned with what would happen to Bob,” court documents show.  This case would have gone unreported forever had a congregation member not stepped forward and gone to police after it became painfully obvious that there was no concern for what was going on with the child.

As bad as this is, it keeps getting worse as the father of the girl refused to let police talk to her because he “felt biblical counseling they would receive through the church was sufficient.”  Police trying to interview her said the father “was refusing to do anything to help her and was keeping her around the person who violated her” and he “made it clear his interest was in protecting the church and its reputation more than protecting his daughter.”

Can we really be surprised at any of this, given the absolute insanity that religious adherence spontaneously generates?  Luckily, Bob has been tried and convicted and sentenced to 13 years in prison for repeatedly molesting an innocent child,  but religion still sold the victim down the river when people decided that their religious comfort meant more to them than her rights or even her life.

But honestly, what else is new?

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