Horror Show Sunday: It’s Your Own Fault!

I hate to keep doing stories on Islam, but there are so many of them!  This time, a radical Muslim cleric declares that Syrian migrants who went on a rampage and attacked and raped women in Germany on New Year’s Eve, well it was the fault of the women for “dressing inappropriately and wearing perfume”.

Imam Sami Abu-Yusuf, a leading Muslim figure in Cologne, Germany, head of the Al Tawheed mosque which is affiliated with the fundamentalist Salafi movement, said, “The events of New Year’s Eve were the girls own fault, because they were half naked and wearing perfume. It is not surprising the men wanted to attack them.”  Sure, those poor Muslim boys didn’t do nothing wrong.  Tell us another one.

Of course, this isn’t at all uncommon in fundamentalist Islamic circles.  Last year, Pakistani politician Maulana Fazlur Rehman said that “women wearing jeans can cause earthquakes and inflation.”  There is something seriously wrong with these religious idiots.

By now, everyone knows that Europe is suffering a huge amount of violence at the hands if migrant Muslims, parts of Sweden have so many organized Muslim rape gangs that the police are completely overwhelmed and are now telling women not to go out after dark because there are not enough police to protect them.  This isn’t a migrant problem, it’s a Muslim problem and far too many Muslims think it’s perfectly fine.  This is how Islam, at least fundamentalist Islam, is.  Even its own clergy is saying it’s not only acceptable, it’s to be expected!  These people are animals.  There is no other way to describe them.

So it’s no surprise that they keep winding up on the top of the Horror Show Sunday pile.  I’ve done months of stories on Islam alone because Islam, particularly the virulent fundamentalist variety, has done nothing but cause problems for the world.  Why anyone supports this religion of violence, I will never understand.

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