Why Are People Unethical?

So I come across this random discussion going on about a really, really minor automobile accident that happened in a parking lot, someone backed into this guy’s car and basically barely tapped it, causing absolutely no visible damage whatsoever.

So the guy says he took the car to a mechanic and the mechanic said there was no damage, but to be absolutely sure, he’d have to disassemble the entire bumper, which would cost about $750, so he said to tell the other driver’s insurance that’s what this accident would cost.

Now I think that’s a bit silly already, but then the poster says he’s going to tell the insurance it costs $750, submit the mechanic’s estimate as proof, then just pocket the money and not have any of the work done.  And he’s wondering if that’s unethical?  Are you kidding me?  Not only is it unethical, it’s probably blatantly illegal!

And nobody cares!  Everyone on the thread was saying to go ahead and do it.  I hate humanity.

But really, this is insurance fraud, presenting a false claim to the insurance to make money off of it. Now recently, we had our roof redone and the insurance company was really clear, because I’m sure people have tried this, that they can send their own inspectors to see if the work was done, to require pictures and receipts for every penny, and to have you arrested for fraud and prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law if you try to defraud them.  And they’re absolutely right.

It disgusts me to see how many people would effectively steal money from an insurance company because they think they could get away with it.  I’m almost tempted to hope that they try and feel the full weight of the law come down on their heads.  Of course, they’ll scream and cry that it’s all so unfair, boo hoo, the world is mean to them.  Fuck that.  These people deserve everything they have coming to them and then some.  I have zero sympathy.

Of course, I said that and got the typical “shut up” responses.  Because today, feels matter more than reals.  Emotions matter more than responsibility.  The whole society is going to shit and I, for one am sick of it.

3 thoughts on “Why Are People Unethical?

    1. We live in an era where honesty is inconvenient and often ignored. Where doing the right thing, just because it's the right thing, is seen as weak and undesirable. Screw morality or ethics, gimme gimme gimme!

      It all makes me sick.

  1. Today we will see just how the Christian Fundies vote in Alabama. Will Republicans after hitting bottom after electing a Russian puppet like Trump vote for the shovel/Moore, or actually do the right thing? Never underestimate the power of Conservative stupid. Happy holidays Cephus !

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