Horror Show Sunday: Off With His Head

It’s really a shame that Turkey, once a bastion of secularism in the Middle East, has become yet another Muslim cesspool, and along with it, all of the violence and hatred associated with Islam has become commonplace.

Take this example, the body of a gay man named Muhammad Wisam Sankari was found, headless and mutilated.  Sankari had fled his native homeland of Syria a year ago, citing fear for his life, living as a gay man in a predominantly Muslim country, but Turkey didn’t prove to be any safer for him.

“They cut Wisam violently. It was so violent, two knives had broken inside of him. They beheaded him. His upper body was beyond recognition, his internal organs were out. We recognized our friend from his trousers,” said a friend who identified his headless body.

Almost immediately after arriving, he began to be harassed by local Muslim gangs.  Apparently, he was once kidnapped, beaten and raped by a gang of young Muslims.  Unfortunately, in Turkey, violence against homosexuals is largely ignored by the police because homosexuality, while ostensibly legal, is frowned upon by the government.  Last year, police fired rubber bullets and tear gas into a gay pride parade to break them up.

Unfortunately for Syrian gay men, they have few options because most are in the country illegally and cannot go to the police, who mostly ignore their reports anyhow.  Violence is mostly caused by ultra-conservative Muslims and a recent uptick in anti-gay rhetoric based on religion has been seen in their mainstream media.

Of course, with the continued radicalization of Muslims in Turkey, things will get a lot worse before we see them getting any better.  People are even complaining that the United Nations isn’t doing enough to protect gay people in Turkey.  But what can they do when the religion of violence is involved, especially since the liberal UN refuses to even acknowledge what the problem is.  And that’s why these cases are becoming more and more prevalent on Horror Show Sunday.  Because Islam is a violent religion and it’s only getting stronger.  We need to stop it now.

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