Liberals are Horrible People

No, not all liberals, but certainly a considerable number, especially on the far fringes of the political left.  Why?  Because in a recent discussion about colleges uninviting conservative speakers, these people, as is no real surprise, turned right to victim blaming.

Of course they did.

No, colleges shouldn’t allow conservative speakers because apparently, it’s somehow their fault that the fucktards on the political left cannot control themselves when someone with a different political opinion appears, therefore it is now the fault of the conservative speakers that property gets destroyed by the illiberal left.

It’s like saying that a woman deserved to get raped because she dared to wear a short skirt.  These people are unbelievable.  They need a 2×4 to the back of the head, and I abhor violence but for these assholes, I’ll make an exception.

And yes, they are completely serious, they know what they’re saying and they’ve continually doubled down on their idiocy.  They believe that it’s the fault of the conservative speakers that liberals destroy property.  They believe that words are somehow responsible for actions.  They believe that conservative speakers, if they are allowed at all, should be required to pay for all of the damages and cover the costs of security keeping the liberal mobs at bay.

These people need a swift kick in the backside, that’s clearly where whatever passes for a brain resides. And you wonder why I hate self-identified liberals?  And why I keep questioning why those who insist on using that label want to be at all associated with these reprehensible pieces of human filth on the political left.  This is what liberalism is today.  It’s not about free speech, in fact, it’s exactly the opposite.  It’s not about freedom and liberty, it’s exactly the opposite.  This is not your grandparents’ liberalism. What you are is conservative.  The more people realize that, the better.

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