Horror Show Sunday: Don’t Stand So Close To Me

I’d say call The Police, but they’re probably the ones who were whipping you.

Might as well continue with the Muslim insanity, as a young woman in Indonesia gets caned 23 times because she was accused of “standing too close” to her boyfriend.

Seven men and six women were flogged for what is described as “inappropriate contact” outside of a mosque in the provincial capital of Banda Aceh. The province operates under strict Islamic law.

One man was beaten for “spending time in a secret place which could lead to adultery”.  He didn’t do anything wrong, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person.

A young woman had her sentence delayed because she was pregnant, but the deputy mayor of Aceh reassured the crowd that “the punishment will be handed down after she gives birth.”

Banda Aceh, which lies on the island of Sumatra, has followed strict Sharia law since 2001, when they received special dispensation to do so.  More and more women are being abused for supposed “crimes” under Sharia than ever before as the fanatical Muslims gain more power.

Is it any wonder that nobody in their right mind wants Sharia law anywhere remotely close to civilized society?  Because this simply isn’t civilized behavior.  This is exactly why Sharia law needs to be strenuously opposed everywhere in the western world.  People who practice these beliefs and follow these laws really have no place in America.  We’ve seen what the radical Islamic poison is doing to Europe, we simply cannot allow it here.

I honestly wish I could say I was surprised at any of this, but I can’t because this is the norm that we see coming out of the Islamic world on a daily basis.  Violence, cruelty and religious insanity grace the pages of Horror Show Sunday on an ever increasing basis.  Why anyone would support these animals is beyond me.

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