The Dumb, It Burns!

Every time I start to think that social media is at all worthwhile, something like this happens.  So I’m hanging out over on, which is sort of a free-speech Twitter replacement of sorts.  I knew that the far-right crazies were there, just like they are over on Minds, but I hadn’t run into any of them, mostly because I hadn’t spent any considerable time on

Boy am I regretting it now.

So anyhow, this asshole makes a post saying that we ought to declare George Soros a terrorist sympathizer and therefore, we ought to confiscate all of his money and his companies and presumably throw him in jail for the rest of eternity and all that crazy crap.  And I simply posted that the whole idea behind that is so utterly reprehensible, no matter how much I hate George Soros, that everything about that sentiment was not only absurdly authoritarian, but ridiculously illegal.

And of course, the alt-right children came out of their echo chamber to challenge me.  It is amazing how damn stupid these people are.  They say that they can just change the law so they can steal all of Soros’ money.  First off, that’s unconstitutional, but secondly, laws are not retroactive.  Well sure they can be!  Oppressive regimes have been passing laws and retroactively stealing things forever!  We should too!

It was right about then that I gave up, these were either trolls or complete morons and so I walked away and they chased after me for a good hour, sending every insult they could think of my way, trying to get me to jump back into the fray.  I refrained.

But the more I look around the site, the more I see crap like this.  Crap that is clearly either intended to piss people off or to display the utter ignorance and stupidity of the people posting it.  This has become the norm for online social media these days and frankly, I want no part of it.  As I’ve said before, where do the normal people hang out?  The people who have a clue in their heads and some idea what logic, reason and critical thinking are?  Because those are the only people I want to be around anymore.  I’m tired of the rest.

I’m all for free speech, even speech that I find reprehensible, but why do people waste their free speech on utter stupidity?  I am at a complete loss.  What the hell is wrong with people?

2 thoughts on “The Dumb, It Burns!”

  1. I think it was Jordan Peterson who mentioned that 10% of the US population is so dumb that even the Army has no use for them. We've made sure that they all got access to the Internet in their pockets. A drawback of cheap access to technology, if ever there was one. Just be glad you ONLY have to deal with that. The hottest topic in the greek atheist community is whether there should be an international court for the crimes of the soviet regimes against the peoples under their control and whether it was Communism or Stalinism that is to blame (aka Stalin wasn't a true Communist)… Count your blessings.

    1. I don't care that there are stupid people on the Internet, I care that there are stupid people at all. That we, as a society, and this isn't just U.S. societies but every society out there, takes no steps to weed out the truly stupid and ignorant from their ranks. I'm not talking about people with legitimate mental problems that deserve help, I mean people who are just outrightly ignorant, who have had no appreciable education and who simply don't know the first thing about reality and are allowed to walk down the street like the rest of us. Stupid people like this are not born, they are made. We need to stop making them.

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