Horror Show Sunday: Sexual Emergency

As long as we’re talking about Muslim rape, we can’t miss the case of Amir A., a 20-year old Iraqi immigrant to Austria, who in December 2015, visited a local pool in Theresienbad in the capital city of Vienna.  During the course of the day, he saw a 10-year old boy who he followed into the bathroom and violently sexually assaulted him before calmly returning to his day of fun.  Amir was practicing diving off the diving board when the police arrived to arrest him.

And of course, to Amir, raping a boy in the bathroom to such a degree that he required surgery to repair the injuries, that’s just fine and dandy under Islam.  This should have been another case, just like last week’s, where the courts threw him in prison for years.  But this is liberal Europe we’re talking about here, so we know that’s just not what happened.  In fact, Amir says that he didn’t know that the boy didn’t want to be raped.  I’ll let that sink in for a minute.  He didn’t know that the boy didn’t want to be violently sexually assaulted in the bathroom.  Sure.  Anyhow, Amir says he didn’t know and the idiot liberals in Austria bought it.

Well how about this?  It doesn’t matter if the boy wanted it or not, the boy is a minor and pedophilia is illegal, whether the minor wanted it or not!  But according to Amir, this was a “sexual emergency” because his wife had remained behind in Iraq and he hadn’t had sex in 4 months.  That sounds like a perfect excuse for violently anally raping an innocent boy!

The courts are still holding Amir, pending a revisiting of his verdict in a regional court, but the boy’s mother, a refugee herself, is furious.  She says she regrets telling her five children to treat refugees just like anyone else and I agree.  Refugees need to be held to the same standards as anyone else, they do not deserve special treatment regardless of where they come from or what their beliefs are.  Amir deserves to rot in prison and if it is true that Muslims like Amir and our rapist from last week are simply ignorant of civilized society, they shouldn’t be permitted to live in it.

But hey, it’s Horror Show Sunday.  What more can we expect?

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