Why Are Theists So Stupid?

I got into a short squabble with an irrational theist today whose answer to any given question is “the Bible provides all the answers”.  It doesn’t matter what you’re talking about, the Bible is the one and only source of all wisdom, ever.  It doesn’t make a difference if you point out that she’s just wrong, she keeps insisting that the Bible is all you need, period, full stop, end of story.

So I got kind of tired of this and I decided to call her on it.  I asked her to provide any evidence of any kind that the Bible has any valid answers to any questions whatsoever.  Give me something beyond “I say so”.  But of course, she’s completely incapable of that, she says “it feels right to me”, therefore, that’s all she needs.  It feels right to her, therefore it has to be right for everyone.

Now I knew I was wasting my time on a complete idiot, but I was bored so I continued.  “People claim that the Vedas or the Qur’an or Dianetics “feel” right too.  Does that make those books right for everyone?”  Nope!  It doesn’t feel right to her, therefore it can’t be right for anyone.  She’s right, everyone else is wrong, so there!

Unfortunately, this is the majority of the theists I talk to.  “I want to feel good, therefore whatever makes me feel good is right, I don’t care if it’s actually true or not!”  And when you point this out to them, they still refuse to get it!  What is wrong with these people?

That’s a question I find myself asking more and more these days, what the hell is wrong with the religious, that they cannot see the reality that smacks them directly in the face?  Their theological blinders are completely immovable despite all efforts to do so.  I got to the point where I just walked away from the idiot theist because beating my head against her wall of absolute ignorance would do no good.  What was the point?  She cares only about feelings, even though she denies it, there is no place in her little fantasy world for reality, all I can do is let her stew in her echo chamber of ignorance.  It’s sad, but what can you do?

2 thoughts on “Why Are Theists So Stupid?”

  1. It is fascinating how "it is right for me" is never good enough; it has to be right for everyone else too. That's probably the part that drives me the craziest.

    1. "It is right for me" has nothing to do with reality. "I can flap my arms and fly and that's right for me" is a nonsensical concept. I care only what is factually true in the real world. Your emotions mean absolutely nothing to anyone but you.

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