Horror Show Sunday: Legal in Muslimland

This is what happens when you come from a hyper-religious primitive culture and somehow think that your crazy beliefs are somehow acceptable in the outside world.  Mufiz Rahaman, a 20-year old Muslim man, raped a 10-year old boy in his Sydney, Australia home because he thought it was just fine to do so.

According to Rahaman, who is a Rohingya Muslim immigrant from Myanmar, that bastion of Islamic peace that keeps hacking atheists to death with machetes, raping young children is perfectly fine where he comes from!  It’s not bad to sexually abuse children!  Why would he ever think there was anything wrong with it?

Rahaman went into the boy’s room and pulled his pants down and raped him.  Afterwards, he offered to give the boy money when his father discovered them, still naked.  Rahaman tried to deny the act, but what can you do when you’re caught on top of a young boy with his pants around his ankles?  The boy admitted he was raped and Rahaman was taken into custody and ultimately convicted of the crime.  He was sentenced to 5 years in prison and the judge noted that he believed Rahaman had a very high likelihood of re-offending upon release.

But sure, there’s nothing wrong with Islam at all, right?  It’s not violent, right?  Muslims never do anything wrong, right?  Because pedophilia is in the Qur’an, they shouldn’t be held accountable to secular laws, right?  But the fact is, sexual abuse of this kind isn’t allowed in Myanmar either, so I guess Muslims can’t be expected to tell the truth when they’re caught with their pants down either. This is what happens when your religion is more important than the law.  I’m glad this guy got put away, just like every Muslim who cares more about Sharia than the secular laws where they live.  They should not be allowed to roam free.  But this is just another story on Horror Show Sunday.  What do I know, right?

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