Horror Show Sunday: Men Shouldn’t Control Women

You might think that this is a story about men, specifically Islamic men as if that’s any surprise, trying to control women, but you’d be wrong.  We all know that Islam treats women like second class citizens but what happens when you get someone who recognizes that fact and speaks out against it?  You get Saudi Arabia jailing a man who dared to suggest that men shouldn’t control women, as if that’s a shock.

The man was imprisoned for a year and charged an $8000 fine for daring to say that Saudi Arabia’s guardianship rules, that give men far-reaching control over the lives of men, should be ended.  The man announced his ideas on Twitter as well as posters that he put up in two local mosques.  He said that he was launching an awareness campaign after finding that some of his female relatives were being abused by their male family members.

But this man is not alone, in fact, thousand of Saudi citizens signed a petition to end Muslim guardianship of women, which the courts claimed was started by this unnamed man.  In Saudi Arabia, women are not permitted to drive and a male family member must give women permission to attend any schooling, travel, or even be out in the world alone.  Female inmates must be released to a male guardian and if the guardian refuses to accept her, she can languish in prison forever, long after her sentence has been served.

We all know that Islam sucks, but when it’s willing to imprison anyone who dares to question their methods, it’s time for people to stand up and demand change.  I have no idea why the U.S. maintains any kind of friendly relationship with Saudi Arabia, considering what a horrible place it is.  Oh wait, oil, now I remember.  Selling out our values for a commodity is disgusting.  Islam is disgusting.  We need to look elsewhere.  It’s Horror Show Sunday for a reason, you know.

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