Talking to Libertarian Idiots

This is nothing new, I’ve complained about it before, but as with most things, there is nothing new under the sun, just the same old stupidity everywhere.  This time, back on that old canard of “natural rights”, yet another libertarian went bat-shit insane, to the point that most people were just pointing and laughing at this moron’s insanity.

She, it’s a woman this time, is completely convinced that natural rights exist.  They just do.  And how does she know that they do?  Because she saw a poll that said that lots of people believe they do.  People believe it, it has to be so!

Except that’s argumentum ad populum, a logical fallacy.  And she simply doesn’t care because it supports her side, therefore, natural rights are real and she wins.  Checkmate, logic!

It didn’t matter how many times we went around and around, she refused to admit that she had no evidence whatsoever that her beliefs were true, outside of fallacious claims that they were.  As with the religious, they make her feel good, therefore she will double and triple down on her irrationality because she just can’t be wrong.  It’s impossible.

This is pretty much how every wingnut libertarian debate ends up.  They have their infallible faith that they’re right, they base their entire ideology around that faith and when it turns out their faith is unsupportable, they explode into a pile of libertarian rage-stupidity and demand they have to be right because… because… because… reasons!

But their reasons are downright stupid.  They are not intellectually justifiable.  They are wholly emotional.  They are just lazy.  That’s why it is usually pointless to even engage with these people, they can’t defend their views and they won’t shut up about them either.

Sorry, not impressed and nobody else should be either.  I’m sympathetic to some of the rational libertarian-minded people out there, but the wingnuts, those are no better than the religious fanatics. And that’s sad.

2 thoughts on “Talking to Libertarian Idiots”

  1. Natural Rights is a huuuuge can of worms. It's difficult for most people to understand that the humean gap is just not bridgeable and all rights are necessarily legal rights; some are more basic, granted, but still. Really, this is the only practical application for the existence of God; as a source for natural rights (I won't say that it solves all problems, obviously, cos Euthyphro is waiting at the corner, but it can be psychologically satisfying). Without God, all rights are necessarily legal and I would argue that for most people this is unsatisfactory and feels precarious as it depends on human whim. Nietzsche (OMG, wrote that correctly on the first try) Nietzsche understood that perfectly.

    1. Except there simply are no demonstrable natural rights, period. There is no evidence whatsoever that they exist in any way, shape or form. It's all just wishful thinking on the libertarian front, because they want these things to exist and don't want to actually have to debate their merits to achieve them.

      I couldn't care less what people want. I care about what is demonstrably true. Their emotional state is entirely irrelevant. If that's all they've got, they've lost the debate before they even begin. That's why most libertarians, at least the ones who play this ridiculous natural rights game, are simply idiots. They are no different than the religious. It's all blind faith. Blind faith is reprehensible.

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