Horror Show Sunday: Double Tap

Hey, when you can’t get what you want, commit murder and call it a religious right.  In Pakistan, a wealthy Muslim landowner shot a 2-year old boy in the head after his Christian father refused to work for free.

Haji Rasheed refused to pay Samsoon Masih, a member of the local Christian minority, the money he was owed for painting Rasheed’s house.  Rasheed and his son then broke into Masih’s house, firing indiscriminately, injuring two and killing Masih’s 2-year old son, Ayaan, with a bullet to the head.

“The Pakistani government should help develop a sense of patience and equality in society. Muslims should not consider members of other religions insects or animals to be killed with impunity. We will do our best to obtain justice,” said Aneeqa Maria Anthony, coordinator of “The Voice,” an organization that works to protect minority groups in Pakistan.

This is hardly the first story I’ve done where Muslims, in Middle Eastern Muslim-dominated nations, treat non-Muslims like garbage.  Who cares?  It’s just a Christian or a Jew or a Buddhist or an atheist. They’re scum anyhow, right?  They’re going to hell, let’s just help them on their way.  It doesn’t matter.

Christians in Pakistan, who are a distinct minority, often suffer violent attacks by Islamic radicals but get little protection from officials.  They have also been pushed to take drugs, or become trapped in the drug trades, and a Christian man was hacked to death by a group of Muslim drug dealers who were trying to sell drugs to children as they exited his Christian church.

Of course, this isn’t just a Muslim problem, Christians suffer from it as well.  It all comes down to “I’m better than you because my god can beat up your god”.  But it really is all childish because none of their gods are actually real.  But religion puts people into camps, the good and the bad, the saved and the damned, and when you’re convinced the people on the other side of the fence are evil, it isn’t a big step to treating them as if they were sub-human.  But really, it’s the religious assholes that wind up on Horror Show Sunday that are sub-human.  They’ve done it to themselves.  And it’s pathetic.

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