Horror Show Sunday: Death for Sharing

When does sharing something on Facebook get you killed?  When it pisses off the childish religion of peace, of course.  Nahed Hattar, a former-Christian writer in Jordan, was arrested  for posting a cartoon deemed to be offensive to Islam, but while he was awaiting trial, which is absurd to begin with, he was assassinated on the steps of the courthouse, shot three times by someone reported to be a member of Jordanian security forces.

The cartoon, shown on the left, depicts God being treated like a servant by an Arab man who is in bed with two women and demanding wine and cashews.  It was supposed to illustrate the twisted religious views of groups like ISIS, who Hattar argued were not following Islam properly.  Hattar was charged with inciting sectarian violence and insulting Islam, but he was released on bail.  It was on his return to court that he was assaulted and murdered in cold blood.

I guess you can’t disagree with ISIS without getting your head blown off.

The killer, Riyad Ismail, 49, was sentenced to death in December.  He was charged with premeditated murder, terrorism and possession of an illegal firearm.  Judge Ziad al-Edwan said Ismail was sentenced “for having carried out a deadly terrorist act”.

Ismail responded with “Allah suffices me because he is the best disposer of affairs”, which is a traditional Muslim prayer for those who feel that human justice is irrelevant because only Allah can judge.  This is why it is so hard to change radical Muslims with the justice system, they simply don’t care about anything outside of Sharia courts.

The court also sentenced the man who sold Ismail the gun and the man who introduced him to the weapon merchant to one year in jail each.
I wish I could say that any of this surprises me, but it doesn’t.  There are tons of cases where Muslims simply murder anyone that they think insulted Islam, even while they are being prosecuted by the courts.  Islamic fundamentalists simply don’t care.  They will take justice into their own hands because they think their imaginary friend demands it.  That’s why Islam has quickly outpaced every other religion as the #1 religion on Horror Show Sunday.

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