Horror Show Sunday: Get Raped or Fry!

I really get sick and tired of doing all of these stories on Islam, but the Middle East is such a religious cesspool that it’s hard to avoid.  This time out, we get 19 women in Mosul, Iraq, who were burned alive because they refused to become sex slaves for ISIS.

“They were punished for refusing to have sex with Daesh militants,” local activist Abdulla al-Malla told the Kurdish news agency ARA News. “Nobody could save them from the savage execution.”

Yes, that’s right, they could either get raped for Allah or they could get fried in an iron cage.  Wonderful choices there.

ISIS controlled the area from 2014 and they kept thousands of Yedizi women as sex slaves for their troops.  Some who have escaped captivity report that many women kill themselves to escape ISIS cruelty.  According to Muslims, the Yedizi are devil worshipers and little better than animals.

Skye Wheeler with Human Rights Watch, says “The longer they are held by ISIS, the more horrific life becomes for Yezidi women, bought and sold, brutally raped, their children torn from them. Many of the abuses, including torture, sexual slavery, and arbitrary detention, would be war crimes if committed in the context of the armed conflict, or crimes against humanity if they were part of ISIS policy during a systematic or widespread attack on the civilian population. The abuses against Yezidi women and girls documented by Human Rights Watch, including the practice of abducting women and girls and forcibly converting them to Islam and/or forcibly marrying them to ISIS members, may be part of a genocide against Yezidis.”

But hey, what do you expect from people with imaginary friends and beliefs based on primitive books? Maybe it’s time we revised our definition of war crimes and hold these animals accountable.  Of course, getting them to the Hague would be difficult, they’d just try to blow it up.  You can’t reason with the unreasonable and you can’t argue with the fanatical.  So we’ll just keep reporting this on Horror Show Sunday, because people have to know what’s going on.

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