Horror Show Sunday: Kids with Bomb Vests

It’s bad enough that crazy Muslim adults strap on bomb vests and blow themselves, and everyone around them, to kingdom come, but when they’re using children, that’s even more reprehensible. But of course, those fun-loving animals over in ISIS are only too happy to sacrifice anyone they can to their imaginary friend.  Take this case, where a child, reportedly between 12 and 14, blew themselves up at a Turkish wedding in Gaziantep, killing more than 50 and injuring another 90.

Of course, if you’re going to use a child murderer, why not have them kill mostly children?  Reports say that 29 of the victims were under the age of 18.  22 were under the age of 14.  One woman lost four of her five children and told reporters that “if it wasn’t for my only surviving child, I would have killed myself”.

The bomb was reportedly packed with scraps of metal to ensure the greatest damage possible.  This is how Islamic terror works.  They want to kill as many as they can, as indiscriminately as they can, for the glory of Allah.

Fuck Allah.  And fuck Islam.  These people are animals.  They are not attacking military targets, they are not acting politically, they are trying to murder innocent children.

Veli Can, an eyewitness, describes the scene. “There was blood and body parts everywhere.” That’s some great religion of peace you people have there.

Of course, this isn’t uncommon at all in Turkey, where Islamic suicide bombings happen all the time.  In fact, in 2016, there were 6 separate attacks which killed hundreds.  A double suicide bombing in Ankara in October 2015 killed more than 100.

Someone please remind me why we shouldn’t blame Islam again?  We know that the religion is what’s driving these animals to murder indiscriminately.  How is Islam not responsible?  They’re taking all of these blood-soaked ideas straight out of the Qur’an.  Horror Show Sunday is awash with murders committed in the name of Allah.  Stop pretending that Islam isn’t at fault.  We all know it is.

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