Fear of Responsibility

Not too long ago, Vjack over on Atheist Revolution posted an article asking whether health care was a right or a privilege.  So I stupidly said “neither, it’s a responsibility” and the inevitable liberal dogpile began, along with the inevitable name-calling and moral degradation that inevitably comes from the left. But that doesn’t change anything, it just reveals the pathetic nature of the political left once again.

Whether people like it or not, everything in your life, health care included, is your responsibility.  Your life and the lives of those under your care is your responsibility to provide for.  That means you have to feed your family.  That means you need to clothe your family.  That means you need to put a roof over their head and give them at least the basics that would be considered necessary in society.  And if you can’t do that or you don’t do that, it’s your failure.  Society is not to blame.

This brings me back to why I’m convinced that liberalism kills societies.  Conservativism builds them, it makes them successful and powerful and then, at a certain point where there is more money and resources than absolutely necessary, when people no longer have to be concerned with basic life necessities, they turn their attention outward and everything comes crashing down.  So for a  lot of these people, not all certainly, but for a lot of very vocal leftists, they think that just waking up in the morning entitles them to money from the government and, for an alarming number, respect from their peers.  Just wanting to be respected somehow guarantees respect now, apparently.  And to get these things, they simply arbitrarily declare them to be a “right”.  Healthcare is a “right”.  A job is a “right”.  And it isn’t even a job anymore, it’s a well-paying and “respectable” job, or for some, they don’t even want a job, they just want a check, a “minimum guaranteed income” whether they choose to work or not.  What is wrong with these people?

Of course, that’s on top of free college and guaranteed retirement benefits, all of which comes without the requirement to actually earn any of it.  It’s a gift, given to them, because they somehow deserve it. Exactly how they think they deserve it, or anything else they haven’t earned, is beyond me.  But damn it, it makes them feel good to think so, so “gimme gimme gimme!”

And that’s where the whole of society comes a tumbling down.  Societies are built on hard work and personal responsibility.  You get where you are because of your own sweat and effort, not because someone hands you a check.  A healthy society operates as a meritocracy.  Liberals hate merit.  They don’t want everyone to have equal opportunity, they want everyone to have equal outcome, but reality simply doesn’t work that way.  You cannot have equal outcome when everyone doesn’t work as hard, everyone isn’t equally skilled or talented and everyone doesn’t achieve the same things.  And that becomes clear when liberal jealousy brings everyone down to the lowest common denominator so no one feels bad that they didn’t win the trophy.  We just give out trophies to everyone.  We just hand out government checks to everyone.  How we pay for any of it, who cares, right?  Just print money or borrow it from others and ride the liberal crazy train into ruin.  This is what happens when you spend more time feeling and not nearly enough thinking.  But hey, that’s the liberal way, right?


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