When Theists are Crazy

Stop quoting yourself!

Sometimes, you know you’re talking to a crazy person but you can’t actually identify why they’re crazy.  And then it becomes painfully obvious that this person is a lunatic when the proof gets dropped in your lap.

Such is the case when I was debating with a theist over on Minds.  He followed the typical theist tactic of arguing by posting links from apologetics websites and when I pointed out that said links had already been debunked, he would declare that anyone who disagreed with him absolutely didn’t know what they were talking about, because they disagreed.

Yeah.  This is going to end well.

And then I noticed that he kept posting memes.  Of himself.  Of his own quotes.  Because, according to him, he was the only one worth quoting.  I mean seriously, he created a ton of memes of his own sayings that he posts with just about every comment.  Talk about being delusional.

So I pointed out how crazy that is and he says that fine, this is what someone, who isn’t him, said about him.  And I quote:

Ancient Clown was a hippy pothead I met who cultivated a circle of acolytes who believed him to be the second coming, a notion he did nothing to disabuse them of. He was quite charismatic, granted. And he made little trees out of twisted wire. Oh, and he predicted the tsunami several days in advance. Go figure. He managed to wear sandals with no socks for the duration of a Toronto winter, which makes him a fairly impressive individual. Also taught me how to breathe properly.

It all makes sense now why he believes such utterly insane religious nonsense, because he’s fried what little brain he ever had and thinks he’s something special.

Seriously, where do these idiots come from and how do we get rid of them?  That was a couple of hours of my life I can never get back.  It accomplished nothing, which is what most of these so-called debates do.  Taking with crazy people never does a thing and after a while, it becomes painfully clear that you need to slowly back away and call the guys with the nice white coat that ties in the back.  The Internet is full of them.  These people need help.

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