Horror Show Sunday: Church of Pedo

Since we revisited Muslim violence last week, let’s peek in on those lovable pedophiles in the Church of England.  I think I’ve written about the Peter Ball case before, and the unsurprising fact that the Church, as lots of Christian churches seem to, covered up the facts because they would rather protect their priests than protect innocent children. But now we’re finding that the cover up went much farther than we had suspected and I have to wonder how extensive this “Christian privilege” actually is.

Peter Ball was Bishop of Lewes from 1977-1991 and he resigned his position as Bishop of Gloucester in 1993 amidst an investigation of child molestation against 15-year old Neil Todd.  Now Ball was a very politically connected bishop, he was friends with Prince Charles and regularly dined with Margaret Thatcher as well as other government officials.  Because he assured people that his indiscretion with Todd was a one-time thing, he was let off with a warning, but now it’s coming to light that not only was this not a single incident, but that lots of people knew about it and pushed to hush the whole thing up.

Like this is a surprise.

In fact, the CoE had other complaints against Ball, including one from a decade prior to the Todd case, where a man wrote them a letter complaining that Ball had indecently assaulted him, which was not only entirely ignored, but was never provided to police as the church is legally required to do.  In fact, we’re finding now that the church had not just one other incident, but seven that had been reported to them and they had quietly swept under the rug.  This is not only unfair to the victims, but in the case of Neil Todd, he later took his own life, frustrated that his molester got away with it.

But hey, it’s just religion, right?  Religion never hurts anyone!  It’s just another case for Horror Show Sunday and unfortunately, there will be many, many, many more just like it to come.

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