Horror Show Sunday: Allahu Axe-bar

I bet you thought I forgot about the crazy Muslims, huh?  Actually, I’ve been purposely ignoring them for the past couple of weeks because if I reported on every violent Islamic outburst, this would be the Muslim Horror Show even more than it is.  But fear not, here comes some more violence from that lovable religion of peace.

On a train near Wurzburg, Germany, an unidentified teenager wielding an axe screamed Allahu Akbar and started hacking at passengers.  The assailant, a 17-year old Afghani, injured more than 15 people before he was shot dead by police.

As should be no surprise to anyone but the liberal left, the attacker was an immigrant to Germany, let in by Angela Merkel’s ridiculous immigration policies.  And as again should surprise no one, these religious zealots freak out and murder people at an alarming rate.  There is no doubt that these people are operating out of their religious beliefs, why do so many people refuse to acknowledge that Islam is to blame?

Three other attacks took place in Germany immediately following this incident.  The first, an Iranian teenager in Munich shot nine other people before taking his own life and the second, a Syrian man killed a woman with a machete, wounding 5 others. Finally, on the same day as the last, a Syrian refugee who had just been turned down for residency blew himself up outside a bar in Ansbach, wounding 15.

But of course, it isn’t the fault of almost exclusively Islamic refugees!  Open the floodgates!  Our liberal ideology hasn’t caused enough innocent German blood to spill yet!  I find the whole thing to be utterly despicable and you should too.

Yet we find these cases on Horror Show Sunday time and time again and nobody on the left seems to be particularly bothered by it, at least they aren’t calling for Europe to stop allowing in Islamic animals without any filtering.  These same people call Trump a racist for wanting to come up with a system to keep the terrorists out while allowing those in legitimate need, those who are willing to integrate into society in.  But yeah, liberals are idiots.  This is just one more example.

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