Horror Show Sunday: Sex With Infants

When you’ve been doing this as long as I have, these stories all seem to run together.  How many times have I written about priests and ministers and the like used their status as religious leaders to attract and abuse young girls or convincing their parents to let them get away with molestation?  I’ve honestly lost track.

But here we go again.  This time, Joel Alexander Wright, 23, a seminary student, tried to adopt a young girl from Mexico, specifically with the intent to have sex with her.

He posted on the Tijuana Craigslist that he was seeking to adopt a young girl under the age of 3. When someone responded, he wrote to her “that he wanted to ‘adopt/own a baby girl (under the age of 3) and I want to have intercourse with her after I own her but don’t be telling people that … I won’t pay until I have seen the baby and I will pay the parents then … the cheapest baby under 3 would be good.”

Good thing the respondent reported it to the authorities.  Wright flew from Ohio, where he attended the Catholic seminary, Pontifical College Josephinum, to San Diego, and e-mailed an undercover FBI agent, saying that he “picked up an infant pain relief med and a pretty outfit which I think should fit the 1 or 2 year old.”  He also asked where he could buy lube.  When he was arrested, he had “baby clothes, sleep aids, bottles, toys, candy and lubricant” according to authorities.

He was sentenced to nearly 16 years in prison, and I assume a lifetime status as a sexual predator.

This is certainly not the first time he had attempted to get his hands on a foreign infant for sex.  Back in 2015, he had agreed to go to Mexico for a rendezvous with a 4-year old.  He said to an undercover agent:

Now I will agree that Wright didn’t specifically use his religion as influence, but isn’t it amazing how many Catholics wind up diddling little kids?  How many people in seminary today are there because they want unrestricted access to children?  I don’t know that we have any real figures, but a documentary that came out several years ago, Deliver Us From Evil, suggests it may be as high as 10%.  It can’t be a coincidence that so many Catholics and other Christian preachers seem to be sexually attracted to young children of either gender.  There are so many stories on Horror Show Sunday that prove this to be true, why is everyone so hesitant to recognize it?  Why does religion get a pass?  I don’t get it.

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