Horror Show Sunday: Throwing Shit for God

A man in Manhattan has been arrested and charged with flinging feces at two women on the street, but of course, it’s not his fault.  God told him to do it!

Ekwan Hill, 42, is accused of throwing feces at a 33-year old woman, then, later in the day. he followed another woman and ground feces into her buttocks.  The second attack was caught on video.

He was arrested and charged with assault and criminal forcible touching.  As he was being put into a police car, Hill is reported to have said: “Why the filth? It’s a Farrakhan thing…”  He’s also reported to have said “God did it!” Prosecutors also tacked on sex abuse charges and, at least at the time of these articles, Hill was being held on $90k bail.  As he’s homeless, it’s unlikely he’s going to be getting out, nor should he.

Of course, Hill is insane, he has a long criminal history and according to one of the people at the shelter he was staying at, “He’s really borderline delirious — bad body odor, talks to himself, keeps to himself. Those feces he threw was probably his own. He’s an outcast type of dude.”  But even though he is crazy, his craziness has been given form by his delusional beliefs in God.

So what’s the difference between some obviously crazy guy throwing crap at people because he thinks God wants him to, and someone who has some self control, but still believes that God talks to them? Is it the self-control that differentiates between the seemingly sane and the insane?  Why isn’t it the delusional beliefs that lump them all into the same camp?  That’s something I will never understand. If Hill had said that Bigfoot ordered him to crap in his hand and throw it and a bunch of other people who believed that Bigfoot talked to them shook their heads and called him insane, would society be able to differentiate between the two groups?  I don’t think so.

I’ve written quite a bit about religious delusion and crazy theists on Horror Show Sunday.  Why can’t we just consider the believers to be the crazy ones instead of the ones who act on what their supposed gods tell them to do?  Something to think about.

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