Racist Liberals Ignoring Black Slavery

You know, it’s funny to watch liberals scramble to ignore things that go against their narrative. Someone recently brought up the fact that blacks had slaves in the U.S. as well, plus they are currently the biggest slave-owners on the planet, but hey, liberals ignore that.  And not only did they immediately spring to the defense of black slave owners, they did everything they could to minimize black slavery so they could get back to their “whites are evil” rhetoric.

And that’s the thing, this isn’t about racism, it’s about identity politics.  Liberals love anyone who isn’t a cisgender white male.  They will defend those people, no matter how far they have to contort their views, because white men are evil and everyone else is not.

This reminds me of a recent exchange where I brought up, in passing, the Malik Obama story where he presented a picture of what he claims was his brother’s Kenyan birth certificate.  Now I very clearly said that I thought the whole thing was stupid, just as I have said since 2008, but it’s interesting, at least, that someone who you might reasonably expect might have access to such things is now presenting it.  Interesting.  Not worthwhile, since Obama is out of office.  I don’t even think it’s true.  But it is conceptually interesting.  And apparently, my specifically saying I’m not a birther somehow makes me a birther to the liberal lunatics.  The very fact that I brought it up at all, in a forum dedicated to breaking news stories, was enough to make me a pariah for the liberal community.  These people are idiots.

I will never understand what is wrong with these idiots.  If something is true, be it Obama’s birth certificate or black slave owners, then it is true, whether it offends your liberal sensibilities or not. If it is false, it is false. Reality is what reality is.  How it makes you feel doesn’t change anything. But these idiots are so quick to defend anyone on “their side” or part of “their protected groups” that they are going to attack anyone who even dares to question their regressive faith without regard for the truth or falsehood of their statements.  Whether it’s actually true or not is irrelevant to the left.  It falls outside of their blind faith so it has to be not only rejected, but actively attacked, with the reputation of the offender impugned, because the very idea that liberal beliefs are not totally true is impossible to conceive of.

And this is the major problem with the political left these days.  You can see it in everything they do. Don’t tell me I’m the only one who can see this.

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