Horror Show Sunday: Murdered For Being Hungry

The kind of childish religious in-fighting that we see around the world is disgusting, especially when one group of delusional people target another group of delusional people and this leads to violence against the innocent.  Such is the case here where Muslims in Uganda went after a Christian’s family because she dared to eat during the Ramadan fast.

So what do they do?  Do they kill this woman who dared to be hungry?  Nope, they poisoned her infant daughter.  It’s the religion of peace!

24-year-old Angel Nabirye, a Christian living in the Luuka District in Uganda, was eating during the daylight fasting hours of Ramadan.  Her mother-in-law, a Muslim, demanded to know why she was doing so, even though non-Muslims are not required to observe the Muslim holiday.  She said that her daughter needed to be breastfed so she had to eat.  The mother-in-law, Nubu Kiiza. brought herbs for the baby, but after several hour, the baby died.  Hospital officials determined that the baby had been poisoned.  The mother-in-law told her son, Angel’s husband, that the baby had been killed specifically because Angel wasn’t respecting the Muslim traditions on Ramadan.

Yeah, you have to love these Muslim monsters, don’t you?

But this is nothing new and certainly nothing uncommon.  Violence against Christians in Uganda by Muslims has been on the rise in recent years.  Not long before, Christian preacher Yokannah Zirinkuma was found dead near his home, following an encounter with Muslims who demanded that he stop “misleading” Muslims or else face Allah’s sword of judgment.  Ibrahim Mwede, a Muslim, was arrested for the crime, in which he was accused of strangling Zirinkuma for his beliefs.

And this is Uganda, where even the Christians are violent fucks.  This is the place that passed the short-lived “kill the gays” law, pushed by American religious zealot and “crimes against humanity” lottery winner Scott Lively.  It’s hard to feel a lot of sympathy for one side who wants to kill the gays, when they’re murdered by the other side who wants to kill the infidels.  Maybe it’s time we nuked all of these idiots from orbit.  It’s the only way to be sure.

How long are we going to allow these religious animals to run amuck and kill the innocent, for no reason other than their religious delusions?  Longer than Horror Show Sunday is around, I’m unfortunately certain.

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