What is Wrong With These Crazy People?

Now as everyone knows, I’ve been checking out Minds as a new social media platform, not because I have any love for social media, but because a lot of people have been abandoning places like Twitter and Facebook and moving over there and these are, what I thought, were “my people”.

But wow, was I wrong, at least for a sizeable chunk of them.

Now these people are seemingly intelligent, at least they can string together a couple of sentences of decently chosen words, but on more than one occasion, and it’s more than you might even think, these people will be speaking semi-intellectually about things like politics or philosophy and suddenly go into a diatribe about the Illuminati.  Or the flat earth.  Or some other crazy conspiracy theory that leaves me shaking my head, once my jaw stops bouncing off the floor.  Because it makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with these people?

I mean seriously, I was watching one video where this woman was having what seemed to be a serious discussion about the rise of communism in America, when she just broke off into “well, I could talk about the Illuminati or the Bilderbergs, who really run things…” and I just shut off her video.  Sorry, you’ve just lost yourself a viewer.  And I have also noticed that there are a ton, and I mean a metric ton of anti-Semites running around too, blaming the Jews for everything.  I mean, holy crap, what is wrong with these idiots?

There honestly doesn’t seem to be anywhere I can go where people are just rational.  It’s always varying degrees of irrationality.  There’s always some kind of crazy running around out there, even in so-called “skeptic” communities, where people will be pretty decent most of the time until you find that one thing that they are just out of their bloody minds about.

What the fuck is wrong with humanity?

5 thoughts on “What is Wrong With These Crazy People?”

  1. Yep. I've been on Minds since you told me about it, and I've had the same impressions: lots of crazy conspiracy theorists, self-described fascists, and anti-Semites. The real problem is that their boost feature means that one is going to have to wade through all of this garbage in order to see the content to which one has subscribed. There is some good stuff there, but it is not easy to find amidst all the noise.

    1. I agree. I spent a couple of weeks paying attention to it, but there is so much crap to wade through that I effectively gave up. The content really isn't any better than anywhere else, everyone is just throwing around mindless memes and the only thing it really has going for it is the supposed "freedom" and since my stuff doesn't get censored anywhere else, that's not much of an attraction.

      1. I have been enjoying some of the art, but that is about the only thing that has impressed me as being fairly different from what I see elsewhere.

        1. Like everywhere else, especially places like Tumblr, some of the art is good, a lot of it is really, really, really bad. But I'm not there for the art, I'm there for discussions and there really aren't very many worth sticking around for. I might pop in once a day now, go through the "boosted" posts, which are almost always things I couldn't care less about, but if something comes up, I might respond to it, then just leave. I haven't even been posting my content there lately. It just doesn't matter.

  2. Americans are stupid, It is that simple. Speaking of simple Just look at our Leader Donald Trump. He claims he likes the stupid, and uneducated. They elected one of they're own. And they are everywhere. I had a friend for years; then one day he came out as a moon landing denier. Face palm ! After a long rational debate he still could not give up his delusion. Worst part is he is a fellow Atheist. It was like telling a 5 year old there is no Santa ( Not that I would) or a Christian Jesus is make believe. ( That I do all the time.) Have a good weekend Cephus!!!!!

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