Liberal Hypocrites

This has come up a lot lately, where you will have liberals, and it is only liberals that I see this in, who will hold a double standard on something, based on whether they like the person or the group involved.

This came up most recently in a discussion about taxes, with a self-professed liberal whining long and hard that Donald Trump didn’t pay taxes for some period of time.  I pointed out that everything he did was legal and, let’s be honest, most poor people don’t pay any taxes either and I don’t hear him whining about that.  Then he twice… TWICE, ignored my point about the poor and instead of acknowledging that what both do is legal, he started saying that tax laws were written specifically to “suppress” the poor, and anyone wealthy who followed the same tax laws was criminal scum.  That’s kind of where I gave up.

But you get the same kind of thing over the recent Milo Yiannopolis debacle when you start asking why Milo can say something stupid about pedophilia, but liberal Lena Dunham can do the same thing and not suffer any negative repercussions from it.  You didn’t see the political left screaming that Dunham should never work in Hollywood again.  Where Milo just talked about pedophilia in general terms, Dunham admits to actually engaging in sexual activity with her sister.  But no… liberals would never demand the same thing from someone on their side, would they?

There’s a certain degree of hypocrisy in virtually everything I see the political left do.  I’m not saying you never see it from the right because, as I say constantly, the right is more liberal today than it is conservative, but it’s something I constantly see from the left.  Trump is a liar!  But we’re not going to point out that Hillary was a bigger liar or anything because she’s on their side.

So why is this?  If you have any insight, please post it in the comments. I’m really interested in hearing what people think.

4 thoughts on “Liberal Hypocrites”

  1. Actually, everyone pays taxes, even if they don't pay income tax. The only think more certain than death is taxes. There are fuel taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, excise taxes, etc. Those taxes disproportionately affect the poor, because those taxes are regressive taxes. I'd love to have the $110,000,000 Trump made after taxes in 2005.

    Poor people pay sales tax on all of the income they spend (except for a few states and California food is sales tax exempt), and usually have little to none left over to save. So, the rich pay sales taxes on what they buy, but they have lots of money they don't pay any sales taxes on because a rich person can pay only so much before they don't need to buy stuff anymore.

    1. Then you should earn the money that Trump made after taxes. He earned it. And what money do many people use to pay those taxes? Welfare, which is money they were given by the taxpayers, not money they actually earned. Paying taxes with money they didn't earn in the first place doesn't actually help the economy, it's just passing back the same money that you were handed.

      I hate watching people whine about others who are more successful than they are. If they want more money, they need to go earn more money. They need to make good life choices. They need to get an education. They need to learn job skills and have a solid work ethic. The reason they are more successful than you are is because they earned it.

      1. Trump earned it ? Yeah I wish I had a rich daddy who gave me $20 million dollars and when my casino was going down the tubes laundered money to him tax free losing at his casino. ( Scam) Trump earned his money scamming his investors, Not paying his contractors, setting up fake universities, Crappy TV show, and shady deals with Russian Mafia types, and scamming the U.S. Tax codes with one bankruptcy after another. Not a good example.

        1. What he’s done is legal, like it or not. Plus, he turned a couple of million dollars into billions, so yes, he earned it. What have you done? This kind of thing always comes off as jealousy.

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