Horror Show Sunday: Bombing Artisan Bakeries

Hey, might as well keep the Bangladesh bandwagon rolling because those Islamic idiots are still murdering people in the name of their ridiculous religion.

This time, a group of heavily armed men, shouting “God is Great” stormed an artisan bakery in Dhaka, Bangladesh and started setting off explosives.  They took at least 20 people hostage.

Several of the kitchen staff hid in the bathroom, hoping to be rescued.  28-year old Soumir Roy sent a text message to his brother that read: “We are here so if possible break the wall of the bathroom and rescue us.”  However, after a rescue attempt, Roy and his co-workers were dead, more victims of radical Islamic violence.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, reporting that “More than 20 individuals of varying nationalities killed after a commando attack on the Artisan restaurant.”  To date, more than 18 similar attacks have taken place in Bangladesh in recent history, perpetuated against non-Muslims.

Unfortunately, the government of Bangladesh refuses to acknowledge that they have a serious religious problem.  They insist that there are no radical Muslim groups operating within the country, which is ludicrous to say the least.  Ali Riaz, a professor of political science at Illinois State University, argues, “The continuous denial of the presence of local militant group connections with international terror groups has not been helpful. What we’re witnessing can’t be small groups coming together. It is clearly a very coordinated attack. If this doesn’t convince them to come out of denial, then I don’t know what will.”

This is what happens when people refuse to admit that there is a major problem in the world and that problem is called religion. When you get people who are willing to murder others over which imaginary friend they follow, you’ve got issues.  The kind of absurd denial that we see worldwide just guarantees that these stories will remain a mainstay on Horror Show Sunday for many years to come.

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