The Young Don’t Understand Rights

You have to remember that Minds prides itself on no censorship, making it the de-facto home of disaffected young people who think the world owes them a living.  There are lots of people who have been banned or censored by Twitter or Facebook who flocked to Minds because they can say anything they want, I assume within reason, and nobody will boot them off.  At least that’s the plan, we’ll have to see how things work out in practice in the long term.

But these people honestly have no clue how rights actually work. They think that because they have freedom of speech, they have freedom to speak anywhere and everywhere, even on private networks, without the risk of censorship and when I tell them that’s not the case, they freak out.

I’m sorry to have to break it to you special snowflakes, but your right to free speech doesn’t exist when you’re trying to do it on someone else’s lawn.  If they own the venue, they make the rules and your only option is to follow the rules or go somewhere else.  Nobody says you have to agree with the rules, nobody says you have to like the rules, you only have to follow them or suffer the consequences.

And these people don’t get that at all.  These are the same people whining that Milo lost his account on Twitter or PewDiePie got dinged on YouTube.  Do I think these things should have happened?  No.  Was it completely in the prerogative of the companies running those services to do it?  Absolutely.  And all the screaming of censorship and gnashing of teeth won’t change that.  Your right to free speech ends where you try to voice it on someone else’s property.  If you want to stand on a street corner and rant, that’s fine.  Free speech only refers to the government’s inability to shut you up.  It doesn’t apply anywhere else. Welcome to the real world.

Of course, it gets worse because when you explain that to them, they will argue that because Twitter and Facebook are so widespread, that they deserve to lose their rights as private companies because they have undue influence.  Except that undue influence comes because consumers choose it, not because they have any kind of unfair advantage.  They simply have popular services.  People choose to use them. They don’t stop potential competition, anyone can start another social media service and try to win those users to their side.  And the second you say that, you lose these crazies completely.  They refuse to talk to you.  They just don’t understand that individual choice and market competition is not the same as government censorship.  So they want to force their own form of censorship on private industry because they’re not getting the results they want.  It’s just their own form of control while screaming that control they don’t like is evil.

And you wonder why these people are so clueless?

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