Horror Show Sunday: Hacked to Death in Bangladesh

Gathering flowers has never been more dangerous in Bangladesh, at least if you’re non-Muslim. That wonderful religion of peace is at it again, this time hacking a Hindu priest to death while he was gathering flowers to be used while praying.

52-year old Shyamananda Das was attacked by three men who rode up on a bicycle, wearing helmets. They jumped off, murdered him and rode away.  The weapon of choice, the same weapon that has been used in other murders committed by Muslims, was a “chapatti”, a long, heavy knife very similar to a machete.

The government of Bangladesh has tried to stop these murders, arresting more than 14,000 people so far as they try to end the religiously-motivated killings in this Muslim-majority nation. Numerous non-Muslims have been murdered in cold blood over the last couple of years by religious Muslims dedicated to eradicating the country of heretics.

And of course, Das was not the first Hindu murdered in Bangladesh, in fact, he was the second Hindu priest to be killed in a month.  70-year old Anando Gopal Ganguly was walking to his temple when, similarly, he was attacked and hacked to death by Muslim extremists.  ISIS claimed responsibility for the murder as they tried to inflame Muslims to violence during the month of Ramadan, but officials suspect that the murder was actually organized by Islami Chattra Shibir, a college student wing of the radical Muslim political party Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh.

Seriously, what’s wrong with these people?  How can anyone defend these religious monsters and their murderous ways?  There is no question what drives these animals to these despicable acts, yet the political left defends them because they’re brown.  How can they be so damned stupid and ignorant at the same time?  I doubt Bangladesh will stop being featured on Horror Show Sunday any time soon, just as I doubt the political left in the west will grow a spine, or a brain.

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  1. Yeah faith bringing people together. So they can kill each other because that is what Jesus, Mohamed, or Lama dama ding dong would want?

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