Horror Show Sunday: Chained in the Basement

You know those crazy anti-LGBT crusaders that are always banging on their Bibles?  Yeah, you probably ought to pay more attention to what they’re doing because they could be positively evil.

Timothy and Esten Ciboro, father and son, were well known for protesting Target’s transgender bathroom policy.  But worse than that, they were also keeping a young girl locked up in their basement for what turned out to be nearly three years.  The girl, 13, who turned out to be Timothy Ciboro’s stepdaughter, was repeatedly raped and abused, according to reports.

Timothy, 53 and Esten, 27, were arrested and charged with kidnapping and child endangerment after the girl managed to escape from her basement dungeon.  When the police arrived, they were trying to escape with two other children that lived in the house, their pets and a gun.

Now you might think this was just a couple of crazy people, until you realize that, not only are they going to serve as their own attorneys, but they are insisting that the only law they will observe, is the law in the Bible.  Esten told the judge that the Bible is “the only law book that truly matters”.  He continued by saying “There’s a great deal of strategy in Scripture and I use those strategies in everything I do, it’s a vital part of everything I do.”

Lawyers strongly argued against the Ciboros representing themselves, but, as crazy religious people do, they argued “Professionals built the Titanic. Amateurs built the ark.”  Yes, they are as delusional and fanatical as they seem.  For people who say that the Bible figures into everything they do, it seems raping a child and locking her in the basement, chained to a wall, is no different.  This is what happens when you take religion too seriously, you become a lunatic that would rather follow the disgusting things in the Bible than the actual law of the land they live in.  But what else can you expect on Horror Show Sunday?

3 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: Chained in the Basement”

  1. Again and again, we see that taking one's religion too seriously leads to this sort of thing. There's lots of horrible stuff in their "holy" books, and it is good for us that most of them have little intention of following any of it.

  2. Just another example of why the Bible /Big book of Jewish fairytales and lies fails every time. One can get better morals from reading Cereal boxes.

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